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Iran – Power to her People!

You are going where?!?” “Are you crazy?” “Why would want to go there?” “Is it safe?” “Iran – are you joking?” “Don’t you need to be fully covered up as a woman?

Classic questions I got when I proudly told people I was going to Iran. Strangely very few people said:

Aren’t you lucky?” “The people are absolutely lovely” “Oh I’ve always wanted to go there” “How wonderful to wear colourful tunics and a headscarf on holiday!


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For me, Iran had been a distant dream for my whole life. As a child, I ordered biryani in a local Indian restaurant and was proudly told “Good choice. However, biryani isn’t traditionally Indian but more of a wedding dish from Ancient Persia.” From that moment I was hooked. Where was Ancient Persia? To me, it conjured up childhood images of flying carpets, tempting food, amazing architecture, snow-capped mountains, colourful gardens and beautiful people wearing exotic clothes! They may have been childhood images – but the reality is – this is Iran today. The good news is all of the above including every delicious meal is included in the holiday but flying carpets are an optional extra!

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I was joining KE’s first departure to Mount Damavand and the Pearls of Persia and thankfully I didn’t have to choose whether I preferred to trek in the Albroz Mountains, climb Mount Damavand, explore Shiraz, Persepolis, and Isfahan or spend the night at a desert EcoResort, because we’ve cleverly included everything in a fantastic two week adventure.

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I always find the true beauty of group travel is the people you meet along the way and luckily I was travelling with a group of fellow experienced travelers who were all open-minded and easygoing plus more than ready and waiting to welcome what surprises Iran may have in store. Yes, we were all wildly excited about climbing Damavand and seeing Iran’s incredible cities, but mostly we were curious about the people. The first time we heard “Where are you from?” we said “Denmark, Scotland, England and America!” Due to the negative publicity Iran receives from the U.K and U.S we thought we should play is safe by listing each nationality in a “low-risk” order. We quickly received a warm “welcome to Iran” before been “kidnapped” for a selfie…the first of many.

It is impossible to put into a few words the hospitality we received in Iran. I lost count the number of times I sat in a Persian garden and within seconds was surrounded by wonderful families and their polite children asking for photos. Or the 11 year-old Chess Grand Master who asked if she could join me because she was wearing a blue decorated headscarf and I was too. The charming young Iranian boys in the Albroz Mountains climbing Alam Kuh who sneakily gave us ladies sweets without the guys knowing. The smiling waiter who delivered complimentary Turkish coffee because I asked “How do you prepare it?” Or the charismatic cleric who granted us a “questions and answer” session on Islam after handing round sweets. However one of my favorite “people” moments was the wonderful elderly man in Isfahan who despite my strong Yorkshire accent proudly announced “how lovely you speak the Queen’s English.”

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I’ve never traveled to a country where with each moment I thought…this just cannot get any better. Every day was pure Persian magical, from the excitement on looking across to Damavand whilst standing on the summit of Lashgarak to the sunny panorama from the top of Alam Kuh, Iran’s second highest peak. I’ll never forget the sheer determination needed to trek to the top of Damavand or the feeling of achievement when we proudly stood at 5671m with our token Iranian flag. The sheer size of UNESCO Persepolis and her amazing architecture blew us all away and that was after a couple of the group bravely read Persian poetry out loud in Shiraz. Isfahan charmed us with her bridges, beautiful mosques and overwhelming main-square before we watched the sunset from our EcoCamp in the desert.

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Iran gets under your skin because of the welcoming people and for any ladies who feel “you need to be fully clothed” The “hijab” or simple headscarf is a colourful part of Iranian culture and you can’t help feeling like “one of the girls” when it’s teamed with a colourful tunic, large sunglasses, trousers or jeans and a pair of sandals! Life in the mountains whilst trekking is more relaxed so KE’s itinerary offers the perfect way to go from high-altitude hiking clothes to a spot of city chic!

Will I return to Iran? Without a doubt as the country and its friendly population offers the warmest welcome on the planet. Plus it’s not every day a Yorkshire lass is told she speaks like royalty!

Lisa Spratling is a Product Manager for KE Adventure Travel, a UK samll group tour operator who offer the 15 day trekking holiday Mount Damavand and the Pearls of Persia

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Kish Island

What to do in Kish Island

Whether you are an adventurous scuba diver looking to explore the coral reefs of the Persian Gulf or looking for a warm sunny beach to lie down on the silver sand, enjoy the smell of salt and read your book; Kish Trade-Industrial Free Zone Island has it all for you. Kish Island is one of the small yet charming islands in the Persian Gulf and one of the most beautiful coral islands in the world.

Kish Island

Kish Island is one of the small yet charming islands in the Persian Gulf.

Kish Island Attractions

The main attraction of this island is its gorgeous beaches. Even though Kish is not a big island (91 km²) most of its area is covered by beautiful beaches where you can go swimming in the blue-gem waters of the gulf.
The coral reefs in the bed of the sea purify water and make it crystal clear so you can see the underwater world and enjoy your beach relaxation even more.
Even on the most luxurious island of Iran, you can enjoy a visit to a cultural heritage dating back more than two millennia. Kish Island has been inhabited by Iranians since the Achaemenid Empire and it is as rich in history as it is in beauty.
Kariz-e Kish is a remaining of an ancient Qanat (aqueduct) that has turned into an underground city and museum for people to visit.
Iranians designed the Qanat system as an adaptation to arid climate five to six thousand years ago before the Roman Aqueducts. It is a hydraulic water system consisting of multiple vertical wells along a gentle slope that filters and guides water toward the arid areas.
Kariz-e Kish or Kish Qanat was built 2500 years ago to supply drinking water for island inhabitants. It’s a massive series of tunnels (10,000 square meters) snaking in a sixteen meters depth in coral earth of the island. To have a good functioning Qanat it must start from a high elevation going down gradually to the valleys. But Kish Island does not have high elevation areas and still, its Qanat is one of the best functioning in Iran.
Another factor that gives Kariz a unique characteristic is being in a coral ground. The coral reef purifies water very well plus when you walk in this cool ancient underground city, the walls and ceiling are covered with 500-600 million-year-old fossils of turtle, shells, and other species of the sea.
Kish Island is one of the most favorite tourist destinations among Iranians and specifically younger generations. Beautiful shopping malls, restaurants, water activities, and beaches create a great package for a relaxing and romantic getaway.
One reason for this high fame is because the island is warm and nice during winter. When other parts of Iran are cold and covered with snow you can put your toes in the warm white sands on the beach and jet ski on the turquoise water of the Persian Gulf.

Don’t forget to take a Selfie with the Greek ship when the sunset sky turns orange and purple in the background, it will be the most romantic and serene shot from your trip to Iran. If you go for a walk on the west beach of the island, you will see an abandoned ship sitting in the water. Fifty years ago this ship, belonging to Greece, came too close to the shore where she got stuck in the mud and she has remained beached ever since.

Kish Island - Greek Ship

Don’t forget to take a Selfie with the Greek ship while you are in Kish.

The best time to travel to Kish Island

The best time for Kish is from January to April. Kish climate is hot and humid with an average of 26°C in a year. In summer it can get as hot as 40°C (104°F).
Kish is a free trade zone where fifteen percent of all imports to Iran are through this region plus it has many investment incentives. You can take a short fly or a cruise from all the countries bordering the Persian Gulf to the Island. Tourists do not need a visa for entrance regardless of their nationality.

Kish- Persian Gulf

The best time to travel to Kish is from January to April.

Where to stay in Kish?

Imagine staying in a hotel looking like the palaces of Achaemenian emperors with the Persian soldiers and half-man half-lion stone statues, and lofty columns with intricate decorations all around you, and a tropical view out of your room will make your trip even more remarkable.
If you are more of a marine-hotel-person you can choose Toranj Hotel. Toranj Marine Hotel is the first hotel in Iran with on-water villas, drawing the shape of Paisley on the gulf, and glass floors to view the colorful marine life swimming beneath you in the Persian Gulf. In this five star hotel, you will experience an unforgettable stay with a panoramic view of sunset and sunrise over the sea every day.