Top 10 Hotels in Iran

Top 10 Hotels in Iran for Accommodation

If Iran is the next destination for your upcoming excursion, don’t worry we have got you covered by providing you with a comprehensible list of the top 10 hotels in Iran. In every city of the country, you will find a multitude of hotels welcoming guests from all over the globe. However, with our list of the top-notch hotels in Iran, we will make everything in your stay go without a hitch.

As a tourist, you can find the most comfortable and luxurious rooms for your accommodation while abiding in Iran with countless services made available for you, from health care centers offering you a relaxing massage to restaurants and cafes serving some of the most popular traditional and international dishes. Here we are, as your ultimate guide to the best luxury hotels in Iran for a cozy and luxurious sojourn.

Espinas Palace Hotel – Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel is among Iran’s top-notch hotels in the capital city, Tehran. Nestled in the northern area of ​​Tehran, Espinas Palace Hotel shines like a jewel in the city of Tehran as one of the best hotels in the capital and one of the top five-star hotels in Iran.

Espinas Palace Hotel has taken into consideration the different expectations of its guests and offers unique luxury services. The hotel is a relatively newly built hotel that was inspired by the name of one of the northern peaks of Iran near the Alborz Mountains.

This luxurious five-star hotel has Royal and Standard rooms, as well as Junior, President, and Espinas Palace Suites. It boasts all kinds of rooms on its twenty floors.

The architecture of Espinas Palace Hotel plays a huge role in its fame and title, bearing the word Palace in its name. Looking at the Espinas Palace photos you can see the impressive design of the hotel, using contemporary architecture influenced by the antique architecture of the ancient Persia. Therefore, by booking in Espinas Hotel being the best hotel in Tehran Iran, a royal stay awaits you.

This hotel is one of the most outstanding buildings in the city of Tehran and one of the best hotels in Iran. It houses a magnificent lobby, public spaces, and especially well-equipped and standard rooms, which all together create a unique and unforgettable stay.

Espinas Palace Hotel

5-Star Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

In this hotel, every expectation you have from a five-star luxury hotel in the capital will be met in the best way.

Espinas Palace Hotel Health Center

If you are staying at this hotel, take the time to enjoy a comforting massage and experience the feeling of relaxation at the luxury health center of Espinas Palace on the third floor. Stay away from the city’s hustle and bustle for hours by being in this space.

Sunset Cafe, a coffee shop with a special smoking room

If you are a fan of international drinks such as lattes, don’t forget to try the lattes served in Sunset Cafe. Seeping warm coffee from your cup on a cool, breezy Spring morning with your loved ones in one of the best hotels in Iran will never be forgotten. Light snacks, muffins, and all kinds of delicious sweets are served in Sunset Café of Espinas Palace.

Lawtoon Restaurant with Iranian and International Menu

The friendly service of Lawtoon Restaurant along with its skillful master chefs will ensure that you will have the most flavorful dishes served at your table and that you will always cherish the taste and color of the food in this restaurant.

Diba Restaurant, a traditional restaurant with an Iranian menu

The captivating design of Diba Restaurant will attract you at first glance. You can have the opportunity to taste the traditional Iranian food in this Restaurant. Both traditional and luxurious drinks, including tea, coffee, and the famous Palace brew, are provided for you and served in a completely traditional way, which you can enjoy after your meal.

Golden Palace Hotel – Mashhad

A blend of a cosmopolitan façade with an opulent interior resembling a true palatial building, the Golden Palace International Hotel is one of the most luxurious and top hotels in the city of Mashhad in Iran. Golden Palace Hotel glows brightly like gold among the hotels in Mashhad and is one of the most visited hotels in the city. It is a 20-story hotel with 358 diverse rooms. It boasts the highest level of security and the best facilities and ensures full comfort for its guests.

Golden Palace Hotel Mashhad

Golden Palace Hotel Interior in Mashhad

The different types of rooms in Golden Palace Hotel include the President Suite, Royal Suite, Junior Suite, Senior Suite, and Imperial Suite. In addition, the hotel also has built atrium rooms, which are located on the fifth to sixteenth floors. The view of these rooms faces the atrium, which is the open space inside the hotel.

Mahmoud Sezavar and his son Amir Sezavar founded this Five-star hotel in 2016. After his death in March 2017, his second son continued the construction operation. The design of the Golden Palace Hotel is based on the unique architectural techniques of Mahmoud Sezavar, a prominent architect in Iran.

Golden Palace luxury hotel has a large parking lot, a well-equipped sports complex (including a swimming pool, a poolroom, and a gym), a children’s playground, and many restaurants with a variety of Iranian and international dishes. Mashhad’s Golden Palace Hotel has convenient access to tourist attractions such as Nader Tomb, Clay Dome, Sheikh Bahai Tomb, Reza Bazaar, Astan Quds Razavi Museum, several shopping malls, and the historical Goharshad Mosque of Mashhad.

Parsian Azadi Hotel – Tehran

The second top 5-star hotel in Tehran is the Parsian Azadi Hotel. The Parsian International Hotel is located in the foothills of the Alborz Mountains. It is not only the largest hotel in the Parsian hotel chains, but Parsian International Hotel is the most striking hotel in Iran in many ways.

The hotel provides a total of 552 rooms and suites equipped with all comfort and communication facilities, halls with different capacities for holding conferences and business and family gatherings, luxury Iranian restaurants with international food menus, diverse shopping centers, and sports facilities are only part of the facilities of Parsian Azadi Hotel. The luxury accommodations, as well as the hospitality of the staff, will leave a lasting memory for all the esteemed guests of this hotel.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran Photos

One of the most important privileges of booking and staying in this hotel, as one of the best hotels in Iran, is the proximity to the most beautiful street in Tehran – Valiasr Street, the longest street in the world. Parsian Azadi Hotel can be reached within 5 minutes from the Tehran International Exhibition Center. It provides convenient proximity to various historical, sightseeing, medical, and higher education centers in Tehran.

Rose Restaurant of Azadi Hotel.

Rose restaurant, with a capacity of 78 people, is highly sophisticated due to its young and experienced staff, the luxurious decoration, and the indescribable view of the mountains in the north of Tehran, serving diverse Iranian and International dishes., sightseeing, medical, and higher education centers in Tehran.

Abbasi Hotel – Isfahan

The magnificent Persian architecture has always shone like a shining gem among the architectural works of the world. In the meantime, the architecture of the monuments of Isfahan City, also known as “Half of the World,” has been the crowning glory of Persian culture and history.

If you are traveling to the ancient city of Isfahan, you can stay at the most beautiful international hotel in the Middle East, which is a relic of Shah Sultan Hoseyn Safavi.

Abbasi Hotel, with its 300-year-old history and its penetrating Iranian architecture, has always been popular with foreign guests.

The rooms of this 4-star hotel have an exceptional and picturesque view of a garden, and the turquoise dome of the ancient Chaharbagh School, as well as the amazing decorations and architecture of Qajar and Safavid ornamentations in some of its suites, are among the interior design elements found in Abbasi Hotel of Isfahan.

This hotel is a fantastic choice for anyone interested in the antiquity of Persian architecture and historical works.

Although Abbasi Hotel is the oldest hotel in the world, it does not lack any facilities. Its luxurious restaurants, traditional canteens, and modern coffee shops cater to all tastes. It embraces 11 multi-purpose halls for holding all kinds of seminars, parties, and receptions, from official to unofficial conferences.

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

The Famous Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

In addition to the sports complex, including a swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, hot tubs, gym, and massage services, this hotel combines tradition and modernity in the most sophisticated way.

Toranj Hotel – Kish Island

Kish Island has numerous entertainments, including nightlife activities to fulfill a thrilling journey. The island possesses various hotels with all kinds of designs. It is no surprise that one of the most luxurious and top-notch hotels in Iran is located on this beautiful island. Toranj Hotel of Kish Island has all the amenities a 5-star hotel can offer and is considered one of the most expensive hotels in Iran.

Most importantly, Toranj Hotel is the first marine hotel in the country, which is located in the northwest of the island. The hotel has two parts, which are the beach and the sea. In the marine part of the hotel, suites with glass windows are waiting for you to watch marine plants and aquatic animals. In the coastal part of the hotel, there is a traditional coffee shop, which is a beach cafe with wooden beds, arresting you with the pleasant aroma of Iranian tea.

Toranj Hotel uses a wooden dock to connect all parts of the suites together, and the beautiful lobby of the hotel, with its luxurious lighting and decoration, provides an excellent atmosphere for your intimate chats.

Shiraz Grand Hotel – Shiraz

The Shiraz Grand Hotel’s cosmopolitan design with upscale amenities is built on the northeast mountains of Shiraz with 14 floors and 158 rooms. The five-star Shiraz Grand Hotel can be an ideal dream place for tourists and travelers who have chosen Shiraz as a travel destination. This hotel also provides the best accommodation for the residents by being equipped with the most complete facilities and services.

There are countless sightseeing and entertainment places around this grand hotel, such as Khwaju Kermani Tomb, Koohpayeh Park, Luna Park Amusement Park, and Saadieh (Tomb of Saadi). The location of this hotel on top of the mountain creates an attractive and spectacular view for guests. If you are looking for the best hotel to stay in Shiraz, the Shiraz Grand Hotel will be the best and most ideal option for you.

Shiraz Grand Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel Restaurant

Among the most exceptional recreational facilities of Shiraz Grand Hotel are a gym, swimming pool, dry sauna, steam sauna, and hot tubs. During specific hours of the day, the use of the sports complex of this luxury hotel in Shiraz is free for guests.

Moshir Al-Mamalek Garden Hotel – Yazd

A 13 thousand square meters hotel bearing traditional architecture with an entrance leading to a mesmerizing large garden and pool is a perfect choice for any traveler adoring the Persian culture. Moshir Al-Mamalek Hotel in Yazd City is one of Iran’s top historical hotels, welcoming thousands of visitors annually. The hotel dates back to the Qajar period and was constructed by Mirza Fateh Khan Mushir al-Malik, from which the title of the hotel is derived.

In this 4-star hotel, 106 accommodation units are available for travelers. Moshir Al-Mamalek Garden Hotel provides Six-person connect suites, five-person connect suites, special four-bed rooms, two-person royal suites, double and twin rooms with garden view, normal double and twin rooms, etc.

The building of the Moshir Al Mamalek Hotel in Yazd has been renovated by skilled architects to meet the needs of passengers even with physical disabilities. Emergency medical services, elevators, traditionally decorated restrooms, a garden restaurant, a painting restaurant, conference halls, and a sports club are the facilities of this aesthetic and vibrant antique hotel of the beautiful city of Yazd.

Laleh Park Hotel – Tabriz

Laleh Park Hotel is a newly established contemporary hotel in Tabriz City, built by the Kaya Hotel group in 2009 and opened in 2013. The hotel is located in the northwest of Tabriz and adjacent to the Laleh Park shopping center. Laleh Park Hotel has 220 accommodation units that are equipped with an air conditioning system, electronic cash register, telephone, hair dryer, mini bar, and a bathroom.

There is also a large sports complex with an area of ​​1337 square meters, including a health center, plates, and yoga rooms, dry sauna, steam sauna, Turkish bath, skincare, and massage in this five-star hotel, which creates an atmosphere of staying in one of the Southeast Asian hotels by a coast.

Laleh Park Hotel Tabriz

Laleh Park Hotel Room in Tabriz

You will find more than 10 reception halls in Laleh Park Hotel equipped with a sauna, swimming pool, and suites for brides and grooms, as well as audio and video equipment, welcoming guests who want to hold their celebrations and parties in this hotel. Laleh Park Hotel also features one of the best restaurants in Tabriz, which serves you a variety of Iranian and international dishes cooked by the best chefs.

Darvishi Royal Hotel – Mashhad

The famous 5-star Darvishi Hotel is another suitable option for a luxury stay in Mashhad, and also one of the most famous and best hotels in Iran opened in 2011. The hotel has 22 floors containing 230 rooms. Darvishi Royal Hotel is on the list of the most lavish hotels in eastern Iran.

Darvishi Hotel is the only hotel in Iran with more than 800 square meters of atrium space with an intricate design. The facilities of this unique hotel offered to its guests are a variety of French and Iranian restaurants, a sports complex, spas, conference and convention halls, and shopping centers. The proximity of this hotel to the metro station provides easy access for passengers to different parts of Mashhad.

Sorinet Maryam Hotel – Kish Island

Kish Island is very popular for its grand hotels, but an excellent choice for a pleasurable sojourn is the Sorinet Maryam Hotel. A 4-star hotel with European baroque architecture dazzling your eyes, Sorinet Maryam Hotel is adjacent to the Persian Gulf and close to the best shopping centers of Kish Island, including Pearl, Sarina, and Zeitoun shopping malls.

Visiting the luxurious suites of this hotel, from double standard to junior and presidential suites, will charm you, particularly with its modern facilities. Free internet is made available in all parts of the hotel, a beautiful and dashing restaurant serving both Iranian cuisine and fast food, a coffee shop giving you the taste of a comfortable stay, and a game room are among the amenities of the Sorinet Maryam Hotel.

Final Word

With our latest list of the 10 Best Hotels in Iran in 2024, all travelers can effortlessly find the highest-ranking hotels satisfying their guests with high-quality facilities, services, and exquisite architecture of buildings, arousing a sense of antiquity or royalty. Iran’s hotel room prices range from 1 million Rials to 14 million Rials depending on the suite you select for your accommodation. Each person can find the best rooms among the accommodations according to the type and purpose of the trip, length of stay, budget, and travel style.

In this list, we have discussed only a number of prominent hotels among the best hotels in Iran. You can check all the hotels that we have introduced as the best hotels in Iran in more detail on the hotels’ respective websites, and if they suit your needs, you can easily make a reservation with just a few simple clicks.

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