Safari Tour in Iran

A Safari tour in Iran is a great opportunity to experience exciting desert activities in various naturally dynamic habitats, and visit the unique features they offer. Golden sand dune of deserts is appreciated for many reasons, some love it for its peace and calmness, some others like it for safari and off-road activities, and some for taking amazing photos. The diversity of Iran deserts can fulfill travelers of various tastes. And deserts are not the only type of safari tours offered in Iran; high mountains, beautiful beaches, and charming national parks with unique flora and fauna are the best places to experience a memorable safari tour in Iran. Iran’s pristine environment provides a great opportunity for adventure and safari lovers.
Experience of operating more than 100 safari tours through pristine areas in Iran’s tough deserts, high mountains, and sunny shores since 2010, made our professional team the leaders of the Safari Tours in the land of Persia.
At the moment Iran Doostan Safari Team is planning and operating a variety of tours heading untouched surroundings in the Central desert (Rig e Jen), Lut, Caspian, and Alborz Mountains and National parks and protected areas in Iran. If you have decided to go through some adventure and experience a safari tour in Iran, just let us know via sending email to