Iranian food

Travel to Iran

Enjoying local food has always been the best part of any traveler’s experience. Every country offers its own cuisine which is normally influenced by many factors such as geographical location, climatic condition, and culture.
Food is probably the easiest element to experience in this rich culture. Persian cuisine is not just ancient and cosmopolitan; it is also therapeutic for the body and soul. Iranians always care about how healthy their meals are, so it is no surprise that the food they eat is a mixture of the most nutritious ingredients.
Traveling to Iran, an ancient vast land with a diverse climate in every corner of the country, you will find various delicious foods, and all of them are totally worth trying. Tourists normally get surprised by the diversity, amazing tastes, and even the portion size of the Iranian food. The diversity is so outstanding that Rasht, the northern city of Iran, has been registered in UNESCO as the “City of Gastronomy”.

It would take pages to describe all the best Iranian foods you can try here in Iran. We would recommend you try the most famous local food in every city you travel to, otherwise, you will regret it. Besides that, there are some Iranian foods you should not miss while you are in this country such as Iranian Kebab, Abgoosht or Dizi, different kinds of stew, and Ash.
If you would like to know more, take the time to read our guest blog for the tourists’ food experience in Iran. And if your interest goes beyond just tasting delicious food, Iran Doostan Tours offers Iranian culinary tours, during which you can immerse yourself in the Iranian cuisine culture and enjoy yourself while learning precious recipes.