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Who Are the Iranian Nomads?

The proximity of fertile plains and mountains in Iran facilitates the transhumance of nomads between summer and winter meadows and pastures in search of grazing for their animals. In such a setting, several different tribes of nomads live whose unique lifestyle, colorful costumes, and distinctive textiles have long been a source of attraction for visitors seeking a delightful opportunity to witness the remaining nomadic migrations.

The main geographical territory of nomads in Iran is all over the west, north, northwest, northeast, south, southeast and some central areas of Iran, on the edge of the deserts:

Qashqai Tribe

Bakhtiari Tribe

Khamseh Tribe

Mamasani Tribe

In their annual or seasonal migrations, nomads move from their winter resort locations to summer grazing lands along with their animals and move back to their winter resort locations again when it gets cold.

From dozens of different tribes, Bakhtiyari and Qashghaye nomads are more famous for their origins, their set of clothes, their tribal structures and traditions, and for the scenic beauty of their camping sites. Iran Doostan cultural and adventure tour to Iran would cover visiting the beauties of nomads’ life in Iran.