Ali Vaghefi

M.Ali Vaghefi

Mr. Mohammad Ali Vaghefi is the managing director of Iran Doostan Tours Co, since 1998. Mr. Vaghefi has been a business expert in travel industry for more than 30 years and he always believes in keeping the company’s focus on innovation and customer engagement. M.Ali Vaghefi is a recognized face as an influential leader in Iran travel industry and community. He is the senior vice president and one of the co-founders of Iranian Tour Operators Association “ITOA”.

Ali Vaghefi always brings strong skills in harnessing the current and emerging technologies as well as business, financial management, administrative, crisis management, customer care, and marketing and promotional skills together for the company’s board. These experiences provide him with a balanced view of the industry and a deep understanding of corporate travel management practices and challenges in the world of travel with focusing on culture, study, adventure, business travel services, leisure tours, and honeymoon packages. He has an extensive experience in apocalyptic culture and intellectual property at the international and national levels.

Hadi Vaghefi

Hadi Ashraf Vaghefi

Mr. Hadi Ashraf Vaghefi is the president of board of directors of Iran Doostan Tours Co. since 1998. He was the managing director of the company from 1990 to 1998. Hadi Vaghefi has over 30 years of experience working in tourism and travel industry. He is highly knowledgeable in the subjects of activity tourism, hospitality and catering industry, and restaurants and visitor accommodation development. Following many years of working as the manager in tourism destination management, he brought up the concept of building a desert resort in Iran. Hadi Vaghefi is the project manager of Iran’s first desert eco-camp, Matinabad camp. He has the experience of managing some industrial factories in Iran as well.

MR Azam

Saeed Azam Vaghefi

For more than two decades now Mr. Saeed Azam is in charge of marketing, advertising, public relations, CRM, international marketing partnerships, branding, strategic planning, business tourism, and ecotourism at Iran Doostan Tours Co. He has always been concerned about the important concepts in the field of Iran ecotourism activity in order to approach CSR and SRB models and also to be a good model for sustainable and responsible tourism. As a plant pathologist graduated from Tehran University he simply could not ignore his fascination for travel and culture which ultimately inspired him to study tourism in College of Tourism in Tehran, prior to joining the Ira Doostan Tours as one of the shareholders. Saeed Azam started as a tour clerk and after four years of visiting nearly every city and tourist attraction of the country he became a tour leader. He has worked as an operation clerk and tour manager. Now Saeed Azam is the marketing manager of Iran Doostan Tours Company.