Iran Desert Tours

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Some people love deserts for their peace and calmness, some others like them for safari and off-road activities, and some for taking amazing photos. whether you are looking for an adventure tour to Iran or you are just a lover of nature who appreciate the golden sand dune of deserts, Iran offers a variety of desserts and travelers can enjoy the infinite ocean of sand dunes in Iran desert tour.

As one of the most captivating Iran deserts, Lut is a UNESCO-listed natural attraction in Iran. Here is simply the hottest place on the Earth surface that Nasa has ever registered; 71ºC! It is absolutely an abiotic zone; no living creature can endure here. Walking among these structures, you feel like walking on the surface of Mars while if you are lucky enough, you may hear the voice of wind blowing through them. That is the only voice to be heard in the endless silence of the desert!

Rig-e Jen is another desert in the central part of Iran which is one of the most mysterious Iran deserts. Many travelers never returned from this wide emptiness which has caused great fear among people and made the desert to be called the “Bermuda triangle of Iran”.

The diversity of Iran deserts can fulfill travelers of various tastes if you are tempted to feel the warm and soft sands under your feet, you are welcomed to the land of wonders.