MICE Tours

Professional MICE Organizer and Service Provider in Iran

In 1997, Iran Doostan Tours established its MICE Department, specializing in planning and organizing MICE events as well as arranging for post-meeting tours. Today, we boast a team of qualified MICE staff members who are dynamic, well-experienced, highly devoted and cooperative.

Our MICE department is equipped with up-to-date know-how MICE  expertise who are capable of coping with emergencies.

Our success lies in our highly qualifies specialists

Iran MICE Tours

Iran Doostan Tours Unique Advantages

● Being the leader in IRAN’s MICE industry and among the firsts to establish MICE department.
● Having the most experienced travel experts and professional service team.
● Adopting a very effective customer management mode with pro-active travel management solutions.
● Maintaining good relations with international tour suppliers.
● Having strong technical support in the field of business travel.
● Offering various MICE itineraries which cater to our customers’ special needs, such as special food requirements and need for organizing theme party and surprise party.
● Providing accurate budgeting and giving suggestions on the allocation of MICE funds and on the optimal use of these funds.

IDT MICE Services

To meet the needs of your business activities, we provide integrated solutions for all the necessary MICE
arrangements, so as to free you from hassles of trivial matters. We can provide :

● A selection of conference and exhibition venues.
● Information on required conference and exhibition venues.
● All essential conference facilities and materials.
● Customized programs and itineraries for post-meeting tours.

MICE Tours

Comprehensive and Integrated Services

  • Air Ticket Booking

    ● Well connected with international and domestic airlines
    ● Various air routes at very competitive prices
    ● Up-to-date information on flights and prices

  • Iran Visa Procedure

    ● We are specialized in approving and processing visas for the Business travelers from all nations to Iran
    ● Our expertise in Visa Documentation enables your application process simple and error free
    ● Cheapest rates in visa processing
    ● Flexible ways of Payment
    ● Fastest possible processing time

  • Hotel Reservation

    ● Powerful hotel reservation network
    ● Up-to-date information on hotels
    ● Arrangement for special guestrooms
    ● Big function rooms and meeting rooms
    ● Flexible ways of payment

  • Car and Coach Rental

    ● Various types of vehicles