Iran Doostan Travel Magazine

Iran Doostan Tours Co. was one of the first few travel agencies and tour operators in Iran that started operating cultural tours to Iran about 30 years ago. As one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth, Iran has embraced many well-known cultural and historical sites including some UNESCO world heritage sites. Many know Iran for these historical spots.

Added to this, wonderful landscapes have made traveling to Iran a-dream-come-true for nature and adventure lovers. There are fascinating natural attractions such as Mt. Damavand, pristine forests, deserts, beaches, canyons, caves, and islands that attract many adventurers from all over the world to experience the hidden gems in Iran.
Not many adventurers know about this wonderland where long ski season, great hiking routes, and high mountains to climb are waiting to be explored.

As our business grew we expanded our tours to cover more diverse packages and we are honored to be among the leaders of incoming tours to Iran. Today, we offer a variety of adventure tours including mountain climbing, trekking and hiking, ski, mountain biking, safari, birdwatching, caving, canyoning, and more.
If you have already made up your mind about traveling to Iran or you want to investigate more about this stunning destination, you can simply download our adventure magazine and read more about pure adventures you can experience in Iran.