Iran Handicrafts & Souvenirs

Travel to Iran

Iran, as one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, and the land of many tribes so different in culture, lifestyle, and tradition has enjoyed a wide variety of handicrafts during history. Persian handicrafts, each narrating the stories of the culturally diverse populations in different parts of vast Iran, are among the best souvenirs for the tours to Iran.

Persian art of handicrafts includes textile weaving, metal works, woodworks, pottery, miniature, calligraphy, straw-made products, mosaic, and stone.
Turquoise Inlaying on jewelry or materials such as silver, copper, or brass is also one of the distinct Iranian handicrafts. The turquoises of Mashad and Nishapur have the most fame with the highest quality.
Pottery and ceramics are two other artworks that have a long history in Iran. Travelers have limitless choices when it comes to buying souvenirs on their tour to Iran.
We wish you cheerful moments visiting the Persian handicrafts gallery.