The emergence of mass tourism caused many negative effects on the planet Earth and raised many concerns. This was how the concept of sustainable travel came into existence. As the public awareness raised about the issue, many travelers and tourism companies and travel agencies volunteered to play a role in sustainable tourism; and in less than a decade, the sustainable travel trend grew.
Sustainable travel is not an option anymore, it is considered as the only alternative to save the planet.
Today, there are many sustainable travel agencies around the world that align with sustainability principles and there are many travelers and responsible tourists who care about Sustainable travel.
According to UNWTO, sustainable travel embraces three aspects:

  • Environment
  • Social
  • The economy of tourism destinations

The environmental aspect focuses on the conservation of landscape features, natural areas, habitats, plants, and wildlife by minimizing the negative effects such as air, water, and soil pollution and also controlling waste production by the tourists.
The social aspect highlights the development of quality of life in local communities, respecting the local culture, and all tangible and intangible heritage ranging from their traditions to music, food and etc.
An economic dimension emphasizes the economic prosperity of local people and businesses.

As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we are honored to state that Iran Doostan Tours Co. is a sustainable travel agency in Iran making efforts toward sustainability goals. We support the local economy by developing eco-camps, hiring local people to host our dear tourists to offer them the authentic experience of the local culture, and also to guarantee the maintenance of host society and environment.
We are also proud that our adventure tours, particularly those of climbing and hiking are actively engaged in volunteer nature cleaning. In each ascent to Damavand, a number of rental mules are allocated to return the waste.
If you plan to visit the ancient land of Persia and you care about sustainability do not hesitate to contact us right today via We are among the few sustainable tour operators in Iran and would be more than happy to make your best memory of Iran.