Religious Tours to Iran

The history of tourism in Europe goes back to the travels of medieval pilgrims which highlights the importance of religious tours in history. At that time, Pilgrims from the Canterbury Church in the United Kingdom considered their trip to be a religious one and often experienced it on their holidays. This was how religious tours came into existance!
As a multi‐cultural and multi‐religious destination, Iran offers the opportunity for many pilgrims around the world to visit numerous holy sites of ancient Iran.
Imam Reza, the Holy Shrine of the eighth Imam for Shia’ Muslims is the most important religious destination for Muslims in Iran. However, there are other religious destinations around Iran, Shah Cheragh in Shiraz and Hazrat-e Masoome in Qom are among the most significant ones. The outstanding Islamic architecture with tall minarets and magnificent blue tilework attract many visitors particularly photographers to these religious spots.
There are also other Holy Sites for believers and followers of other religions that can be visited, Churches for Christians, Jewes, and Holy Fire Temples for Zoroastrians.
The interesting point is that not only the believers but also culture and architecture lovers are attracted to these types of tours.
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