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Ecbatana in Hamedan, Iran (Ruins, History, Map, Photos)

Ecbatana is an archeological city that was buried under the aesthetic city of Hamdan and is recorded as one of the oldest cities in Iran. The city of Hamadan bears several valuable works and monuments as well as mausoleums belonging to one of the most treasured historical figures of Iran. Today, this picturesque city has become a touristic center for many visitors due to […]

What Is the Symbol of Isfahan?

Isfahan, also famous by its other name, the half of the world, is the cultural capital of Iran. This city, being home to many great architectures, delicious culinary dishes, and amazing historic churches, is an unforgettable destination. The symbology of Isfahan is diverse and rich. So, when one thinks about Isfahan, many things will come to their mind […]

Baba Tahir Oryan Hamadani (Biography, Poems, Tomb)

Baba Tahir Oryan is considered one of the eminent mystics and poets of the fifth century AH (Islamic calendar), marking a timeless figure in the history of Iranian mysticism and poetry. He became famous for his beautiful couplets, embodying profound spiritual themes. He chose a life of seclusion and showed little interest in documenting his personal experiences, […]

What Is the Symbol of Tehran?

Tehran, the capital city of Iran, like many commercial cities in the world, is known for its thriving atmosphere where the streets are filled with people coming and going around. Being a historical city, it boasts countless museums, palaces, mansions, and historical neighborhoods belonging to the previous dynasties. With the presence of the Alborz Mountain […]

Is Iran Safe for American Tourists in 2024?

In 2024, Iran has hosted many tourists from all around the world. Despite all the conflicts that happened, the tours were all operated safely. Many may wonder if they can travel to Iran, including Americans, Canadians, and British citizens. In this article, we will answer all your questions regarding traveling to Iran, including the question of whether […]

Shams Tabrizi (Biography, Quotes, Poems, Miracles)

If you are an individual who shows a deep love for Persian poetry or history, you might have heard about the great Persian poet and Sufi, Shams Tabrizi. He was the spiritual instructor of Mewlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhi, also known worldwide as Rumi. Nonetheless, the true identity of Shams Tabrizi is yet unknown and a mystery to […]

What Is the Symbol of Kashan?

Come and learn about the special signs of Kashan. They show its history and culture. Walk around the city to find out more about these interesting symbols. From ancient traditions to beautiful gardens, Kashan has so much to offer for those eager to explore its rich heritage. We will discover the magic of Kashan through its symbols, including the […]

Sanandaj Bazaar (Shops, Photos, Opening Hours)

In the heart of the Middle East lies one of the most historical countries in the world, embracing countless traditional bazaars with eccentric Persian architecture. Iran is popular for its diverse landscapes and tourist archeological sites, and in some of these historical locations, you can still come across men and women making a living in […]

Ibn Sina or Avicenna (Biography, Books, Religion)

Ibn Sina, nicknamed Sharaf al-Mulk, Hujjat al-Haqq, Pur Sina, and Shaykh al-Ra’is, is an Iranian physician, philosopher, and scholar and one of the most prominent thinkers of the Islamic world. He is considered the father of early modern medicine, and his birthday is named “Doctor’s Day.” The period of research and activity of this scientist […]

New Julfa, Isfahan, Iran (Religion, Map, Photos)

Isfahan is a city of rich history and the golden capital of delicious souvenirs and eye-catching architecture. The city of Isfahan is situated in the central part of Iran and it is blessed with many cultural and historical sites where one can visit them all and never get tired of the things that Isfahan has […]