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Top 10 Iranian Movies

Today, we cannot imagine the world without cinema, as it is one of the most popular forms of art. One of the most famous French directors, Jean-Luc Godard quotes about cinema: “Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the whole world”. Moreover, we can state that cinema of every country is a representative of the […]

Must See Museums in Iran

The history of a country is an interesting part of traveling to new places. We can learn more about the culture and people of our destination. Iran, a huge country located in Asia, is one of the most beautiful countries to travel to. Iran is particularly marvelous due to its long history, as it is […]

The Best Spring Destinations in Iran

Iran is absolutely beautiful, and this beauty doubles in spring. From the northernmost point of the country to the southernmost, all of Iran has its own unique and special beauty in spring. It does not matter if we are in the heart of the desert, or among the trees of a forest, walking on the […]

Alay Bazaar, Tashkent Traditional Market

Alay Bazaar, also known as the Grand Bazaar of Central Asia, is an ancient trading center located in the heart of the Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan. This colorful and vibrant market has been a hub of activity since the 10th century and continues to be a popular destination for both traders and tourists. The Alay […]

Siab Bazaar, Largest Bazaar in Samarkand

Samarkand is the cultural center of Uzbekistan. Throughout history, Samarkand used to be the capital of Uzbekistan several times, and it was an important part of the Silk Road. One of the best attractions of Uzbekistan that is located in the Samarkand is Siab Bazaar Samarkand. Siab Bazaar is the largest bazaar in Samarkand, which […]

Best Souvenirs of Uzbekistan

Traveling to a new country creates new experiences and opportunities. Shopping and buying souvenirs are among the best things to do while traveling to a new country. Souvenirs are a reminiscence of the culture and identity of a region. Uzbekistan is a fascinating country with a rich culture located in Central Asia. Uzbekistan was once […]

Chorsu Bazaar of Tashkent

Chorsu Bazaar of Tashkent is an old bazaar in the heart of Uzbekistan‘s capital, formerly known as Eski Jova, meaning “Old Tower.” This name means “four paths” or “crossroads” in the local language. In this market, you can find all kinds of colorful and exotic souvenirs. Even though this market has been renovated, it has […]

Registan Square, Samarkand

Samarkand Registan Square is among the most magnificent tourist attractions of Uzbekistan, which has Iranian roots, and due to the high age of this area, it has been officially registered in the UNESCO world list. Uzbekistan was one of the countries that were a subsidiary of Iran in the past, and the atmosphere in this […]

Top Things to Do in Qatar

Known for its arts and museums, Qatar is one of the most traveled destinations in Asia. Travel to Qatar, a magical land of sands and dunes blended with cosmopolitan vibes, a fascinating place to explore. With numerous popular attractions in Qatar and plenty of things to do in Doha, tourists won’t even think about getting […]