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Darband, Tehran, Iran: Weather, Photos, Restaurants

Darband Tehran is an area with excellent and always fresh weather, which is a wonderful destination to escape from the noise, crowd, traffic, and air pollution of Tehran. Darband, as the closest natural site of Tehran, has unique views; besides that, you can invite yourself to delicious food in first-class and high-quality restaurants. Of course, […]

Isfahan Grand Bazaar: Photos, History, Opening Hours

Isfahan, the most picturesque city of Iran, also known as “Half of the World,” embraces an active traditional grand bazaar with countless Persian carpets and rugs to purchase. The vibrant Qeysarie Bazaar, located in the Isfahan Province in the center of Iran, is one of the most outstanding locations to learn about Iranian cultural goods […]

Top 7 Mosques in Uzbekistan You Need to Visit

Uzbekistan is a beautiful country in Central Asia with a rich cultural heritage and a long history. This country has many attractions, some of which have been registered on the World Heritage List. One of the most important attractions of the historical country of Uzbekistan is its mosques, which express Islamic art, civilization, and architecture. […]

Minor Mosque, Tashkent, Uzbekistan: Photos, History, Address

Uzbekistan is known for having the oldest and most beautiful mosques in Central Asia, a combination of modern architecture and the Soviet era. History is evident in all the historical attractions of this country, demonstrating the culture and civilization of this country over many generations. Historical mosques are not only a view of religion but […]

Aydar Lake, Uzbekistan (Photos, Location, & More)

Aydar Lake is a massive artificial body of water. This lake is part of the Aydar-Arnasay lake system in northeastern Uzbekistan and is 50 km from Nurata City. The entire system occupies an area of 4,000 square kilometers and consists of three saline lakes: Arnasay, Aydarkul, and Tuzkan. By checking the Aydar Lake map, you […]

Amir Timur Museum, Tashkent (Photos, History, Info)

If you’re a history buff or simply fascinated by the stories of ancient rulers, you won’t want to miss the Amir Timur Museum. Located in the vibrant center of Uzbekistan, this museum is a true treasure trove of knowledge and artifacts, showcasing the incredible legacy of the legendary conqueror Amir Timur, also known as Tamerlane. […]

Top 10 Movies About Iran Cities You Have to Watch

Iran is full of beautiful cities and locations where you can enjoy nature and the atmosphere. Surely, traveling to Iran comes with new challenges, and it isn’t easy to choose your travel destination. One of the ways that you can learn more about the culture of Iran and its beautiful cities and locations is to […]

Top 10 Things to Do in Ardabil + Photos

Ardabil is a beautiful city located in the stunning northwestern region of Iran, and it is a destination that is worth exploring. With its rich history, captivating landscapes, and warm hospitality, Ardabil offers a variety of experiences that cater to both history enthusiasts and nature lovers. Let’s dive into the top things to do in […]