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New Julfa, Isfahan, Iran (Religion, Map, Photos)

Isfahan is a city of rich history and the golden capital of delicious souvenirs and eye-catching architecture. The city of Isfahan is situated in the central part of Iran and it is blessed with many cultural and historical sites where one can visit them all and never get tired of the things that Isfahan has […]

Who Is Rumi? (Quotes, Poems, Books, Full Name)

Iran was home to many artists, writers, and poets. Once upon a time, Iran was the central hub for education and knowledge, introducing many important faces and writers to the world of literature. Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, famous as Rumi, was one of the greatest poets in the world of literature and art. Rumi books and […]

Gerit Waterfall, Lorestan (Location, Facts, Photos)

Located within the fascinating landscapes of Lorestan, Iran, lies the remarkable Gerit Waterfall, a natural wonder that captivates all those who witness its splendor. This majestic waterfall gracefully falls on rocky cliffs, creating a phenomenon of flowing water and mist that fills the air with an aura of tranquility and awe. As one of Iran’s […]

Shirez Canyon, Iran (Things to Do, Map, Facts, Photos)

Visiting different parts of Iran in the time of spring is a fun and amazing experience. Situated in the Lorestan province, Tangeh-ye Shīrzar, also known as Shirez Valley or Shirez Canyon, is a fabulous destination that attracts visitors from outside and inside Iran. Exploring Shirez Canyon offers a beautiful sight that is worth appreciating and […]

Gahar Lake, Lorestan (Fishing, Facts, Map, Photos)

There is a beautiful gem among the surrounding mountains of Iran, called Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar). It’s like a secret treasure hidden in the mountains. The water is calm and peaceful, and the scenery around it is so amazing that it’s like a dream come true. But where is Gahar Lake? Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar) […]

What Is Henna?

The Art of Henna Designs is widely used in different regions in Asia. It is one of the most popular forms of tattoo & designs that is used in South Asian countries, Africa, and the Middle East. Mehndi, also known as the Art of Henna, has a long history and is famous for its surreal […]

Fire Temple of Isfahan (History, Photos, Location)

Isfahan, the most beautiful province in Iran with a wide variety of attractions, museums, palaces, and mosques, showcases the rich history and culture of Iran with a glance of eyes. The Fire Temple of Isfahan is another beautiful attraction that holds great significance. Although the remains of the Fire Temple of Isfahan are not much, […]