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Top 10 Persian Rice Dishes You Should Try!

Persian foods have always been a lovely part of Iranian culture. Persian cuisine is a must-try, made with love and passion by using the freshest and the most healthy ingredients. Persian rice dishes are the main dishes of Iranian culture. Iranian rice dishes’ names are simple yet filled with different ingredients. One of the popular […]

Kandovan Village (Cave Houses, History, Weather, Facts)

Within the rugged landscapes of northwestern Iran lies the enchanting village of Kandovan, a place where time seems to stand still among its unique cave houses. Carved into the volcanic rocks of the Sahand mountain range, Kandovan Village is renowned for its distinctive architecture. Steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, Kandovan attracts […]

Top 10 Persian Side Dishes

Do you know about the famous Iranian side dishes? Iranians have some of the best and savory side dishes favored by so many visitors from different parts of the world. These appetizers can fall into diverse categories, from soups and stew to yogurts and sweets. The Iranian people are very fond of cooking with tasty […]

Masouleh Village, Iran (History, Weather, Map, Photos)

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Masuleh, Iran, where tradition meets modernity and history intertwines with nature. Located in the Alborz Mountains, Masuleh highlights Iran’s rich cultural heritage. The historical city of Masouleh is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which makes planning a trip to Iran a must! If you’re seeking a destination […]

Omar Khayyam (Biography, Books, Poems, Rubaiyats)

It is no exaggeration to say that no other Persian literary figure has been this popular in the West more than the 11th-century Persian poet Omar Khayyam. Some call him the Da Vinci of Persia since he was an expert in various scientific disciplines, including Philosophy and Astronomy. In this article, we tell you more […]

Everything About Persian Bread; From Sangak To Barbari

Iranians have always had a special respect for bread for a long time and consider all kinds of bread to be an integral part of their table. Bread holds such significance for Iranians that mornings without it feel like their table is missing something essential. There are two main reasons why traditional Iranian cuisine is […]

Top 10 Iranian Movie Directors of All Times

Iran has a great and diverse field in cinema. In the whole process of filmmaking, it’s no wonder how much of a great impact directors have on the movie and its result. Since we already know how great directors are and how much effort and time they have to put into filmmaking, we decided to […]

The Top Iran Dessert Food You Need to Try!

The Persian word “shirini” refers to Iran dessert food, which is well-known for its rich cultural history, delicate textures, and mouthwatering flavors. These delicious sweets, which make Iran’s dessert food list, have become a staple of Iranian cuisine, captivating the palates of people all over the world. Throughout history, the Persian, Arab, Turk, and Mongol […]

Iran War? Is Iran safe for tourists? (March 2024)

With a handful of tragic incidents happening around and inside Iran, it may be hard to believe for many foreigners that there is no Iran war and Iran is safe for travel. Here, we decided to update you about Iran’s safety and give you peace of mind before you travel to Iran. Don’t Believe All […]