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Gahar Lake, Lorestan (Fishing, Facts, Map, Photos)

There is a beautiful gem among the surrounding mountains of Iran, called Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar). It’s like a secret treasure hidden in the mountains. The water is calm and peaceful, and the scenery around it is so amazing that it’s like a dream come true. But where is Gahar Lake?

Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar) is nestled in the Zagros Mountains of Iran. It’s in a place called Lorestan Province, which is full of rocky hills and wild nature. People who love being in nature and going on adventures find Gahar Lake a perfect spot. It’s like a peaceful getaway where you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and just enjoy the quiet beauty of nature.

Exploring Gahar Lake Map

Gahar Lake sits snugly in the middle of the Zagros Mountains in Iran, as depicted on the Gahar Lake map. It’s a stunning sight that captures everyone’s attention with its beauty. It formed a long time ago when glaciers moved slowly. This lake is pure and holds a long history, just like the mountains around it. The water is so clear that it reflects the colors of the land around it. You can feel calm just looking at it.

Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar) is in a faraway place where not many people go, marked clearly on the Gahar Lake map. You can only reach it by going through winding roads and tough trails. But when you get closer, you see beautiful forests, fields of flowers, and waterfalls.

Even though it’s far away, Gahar Lake is full of life, as shown on the Gahar Lake map. There are special flowers that only grow in the mountains and animals that are hard to spot. This shows how important the lake is for nature. In the distance, the mountain peaks are covered with snow. They’ve been there for a really long time, showing how powerful nature is. When the sun sets, it makes the lake look even more beautiful, shining with golden light. It’s like magic!

Fun Things to Do at Gahar Lake

Gahar Lake swimming can be an amazing experience. At Gahar Lake, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in its cool, clear waters, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the mountains and forests.

Gahar Lake fishing is also very important. People love Gahar Lake fishing because there are plenty of fish like trout and carp. It’s super fun to sit by the lake, surrounded by big mountains and pretty nature, and try to catch fish. Whether you’re a pro or just starting.

gahar lake map

Gahar Lake in Lorestan Province

If you like walking in nature, you’ll love Gahar Lake. There are lots of trails to walk on, from easy ones along the lake to harder ones up the mountains. Along the way, you can see all kinds of plants and animals and enjoy the beautiful views.

Gahar Lake is a perfect spot for camping or having a picnic. You can set up a tent under the stars or lay a blanket for a picnic by the lake. It’s so peaceful and relaxing, and the fresh mountain air makes it even better.

Gahar Lake is home to lots of different animals, which makes it a great place for wildlife lovers. You can see all sorts of birds, especially during certain times of the year when they migrate. Keep your eyes peeled, and you might even spot deer, foxes, or other animals wandering around.

If you love taking pictures or just admiring nature’s beauty, Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar) is perfect for you. The views are amazing, with mountains, forests, and colorful flowers everywhere. Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, the scenery is so beautiful that even just looking at it will make you happy.

So come and make some wonderful memories surrounded by nature’s wonders!

Seasonal Wonders of Gahar Lake All Year Round

Gahar Lake is always full of fun things to do, no matter the season. Here’s what you can expect each time of the year:

When winter comes, Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar) turns into a magical snowy place. The mountains around it sparkle with fresh snow, and you can do lots of cool stuff like skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even ride a snowmobile across the frozen lake. And of course, there’s nothing like building snowmen and having snowball fights with your family!

During spring, Gahar Lake comes alive with bursts of colorful flowers covering the hills and meadows. The air smells sweet with the scent of wildflowers, and birds return to sing their songs. It’s the perfect time for leisurely hikes to see all the new plants and animals waking up after winter.

Gahar lake facts

Gahar Lake Beautiful Scenery

When summer rolls around, Gahar Lake is a great place to beat the heat. The cool mountain breezes and refreshing waters make it the perfect escape from hot temperatures. You can swim, go boating, or try kayaking on the lake. If you prefer to relax, you can sunbathe on the sandy shores or take a hike through the forests. And at night, camping under the stars is a magical experience you won’t forget.

As autumn arrives, Gahar Lake is transformed into a stunning display of golden colors. The leaves on the trees turn red, orange, and yellow, and the air feels crisp and fresh. The reflections of the colorful leaves on the lake’s surface are simply breathtaking. It’s a great time for hiking along leaf-covered trails or taking photos of the beautiful scenery.

Gahar Lake Facts You Didn’t Know

Gahar Lake was made a long time ago by massive ice sheets during the Ice Age. The water in the lake is super clear because it comes from melted snow in the mountains nearby.

Gahar Lake is way up high, about 2,200 meters above the sea. That means when you’re there, you can see amazing views of the mountains and valleys all around.

The area around Gahar Lake is like a hotspot for lots of different plants and animals. There are special kinds of flowers that only grow in the mountains, and you might even see leopards, ibex, or eagles wandering around.

Gahar lake swimming

Gahar Lake in  Lorestan, Best for Swimming and Fishing

Gahar Lake is really important to the local communities. They think of it as a special and magical place because of all the stories and legends about it.

People know how important it is to protect Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar) and everything around it. They’re working hard to keep it clean and safe for plants, animals, and people to enjoy.


In conclusion, Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar) stands as a captivating natural wonder nestled in the heart of the Zagros Mountains in Iran. At Gahar Lake, the water is really clear because it comes from melted snow in the mountains nearby. It’s a peaceful place with lots of green plants and big mountains. When you go exploring, you’ll find cool things to see, like different seasons and interesting facts about Gahar Lake.

For those wondering, ‘Where is Gahar Lake?’—look no further than the stunning landscapes of Iran’s Zagros Mountains, where this enchanting destination awaits your exploration.

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