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Shirez Canyon, Iran (Things to Do, Map, Facts, Photos)

Visiting different parts of Iran in the time of spring is a fun and amazing experience. Situated in the Lorestan province, Tangeh-ye Shīrzar, also known as Shirez Valley or Shirez Canyon, is a fabulous destination that attracts visitors from outside and inside Iran.

Exploring Shirez Canyon offers a beautiful sight that is worth appreciating and enjoying nature. Shirez Canyon Iran is even more beautiful in the springtime, making it a popular attraction for those who want to experience something different. Let’s dive into the Shirez Canyon map.

Shirez Canyon Iran

Shirez Canyon, Iran, situated near Koohdasht in the Lorestan Province, is another fantastic geographical location that is highly recommended; a great valley that offers beauty and miracles at the same time with its beautiful environment.

Shirez Canyon Iran, also known by its other name “Tangeh-ye Shīrzar,” is the final destination to relax and warm up your soul. Shirez Canyon is exactly 45 kilometers northeast of Kuhdasht, which is the capital of Kuhdasht County, in the province of Lorestan.

Shirez Valley is mostly referred to as the “Grand Canyon of Iran,” and is a remarkable landmark due to its unique geological structure and ideal beauty. Interestingly, Shirez Canyon is approximately 5km long and 150-200m high, which makes it an impressive sight.

Exploring Shirez Canyon

Tangeh-ye Shīrzar has a surreal beauty where you can see it only in movies. Exploring Shirez Canyon Iran, is a journey in which you will never feel tired. Amazed any second when you are hiking this canyon, Shirez Valley is an unseen beauty among the natural wonders of Lorestan province.

shirez canyon iran

Shirez Canyon Photos

When visiting Shirez Valley, if you take a moment and look at the different parts of the canyon, the unique geological formation of the valley will amaze you. The canyon is formed by the erosion of sedimentary rocks belonging to the third geological Devon and provides an amazing landscape to see.

Tangeh-ye Shīrzar, Things to Do

Visiting Shirez Canyon Iran provides a lot of activities to do. The breathtaking landscapes. Picturesque scenes and lush greenery are only some of the highlights of this lovely location. Shirez Valley offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, and photography.

Relaxing and enjoying nature is another thing to do, especially for those people who find their inner peace in nature and enjoy the simple things. Shirez Canyon hike is the best chance to gather your friends and convince them to have a camp and enjoy their surrounding nature.

Attractions of Shirez Valley

At the mouth of Shirez Canyon, there is a cave known as “Pol-e Khoda Cave” which translates to “The Bridge of God.”

It is 150 meters long and has a river with cold water, which is very interesting for visitors and tourists. Another attraction that you should visit in Shirez Canyon is the Stone Minaret, which is a pillar that has been shaped by millions of years of natural occurrences like wind, rain, and earthquakes.

shirez canyon map

Mesmerizing Shirez Canyon in Lorestan

This stone minaret stands at a height of 80 meters and is more than 10 meters in circumference, a truly fabulous wonder. The canyon is also home to several waterfalls, including the Bird’s Waterfall (Parandegan). You can observe birds living and breeding in this area and enjoy their sounds and picturesque views.

Shirez Canyon Map

Shirez Canyon Map shows that this amazing destination is adorned with diverse wildlife and lush flora. Shirez Canyon Iran, is home to numerous mountain goats and several species of fish in its crystal-clear and beautiful water of the river.

The sycamore, fig, oak, grape, and wild pear trees are some of the trees and floras that grow in this environment and make a picturesque scene. Shirez Valley also includes a river.

The valley’s springs join the stream of Seimare, which is a branch of the Karkhen River. The beautiful spring water flowing into the canyon creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere and is ideal for group gatherings.

Shirez Canyon Tours

Shirez Canyon Tours is a good option to take a visit from this location. The best time to visit Shirez Canyon and participate in Shirez Canyon Tours is spring. During springtime, the lush and beautiful scenery of the Shirez Valley makes it an interesting experience.

Winters and falls are also considered as an appropriate time. But it is highly recommended to visit this remarkable landmark in spring. Moreover, if you want to visit this location with a tour guide or by yourself, make sure to pack everything with you and be prepared for everything, as it is a unique natural attraction.

Shirez Valley Facts

Shirez Valley is located 50 minutes away from the Kuhdasht in Lorestan.

Shirez Canyon has several names among the people of Lorestan but is mainly known as the Grand Canyon of Iran.

The Geological formation of the valley dates back over millions of years and is very unique.

Tangeh-ye Shīrzar has a vibrant greenery that is in contrast with its rocky formations. However, this scene is very beautiful and calming.

shirez canyon facts

Shirez Canyon Fascinating Scenery

The valley is home to diverse wildlife and a wide range of plants and trees.

The high walls of the canyon reach heights of 150-200 meters and create a dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape.

Shirez Valley is not only a natural wonder but also holds historical importance. It contains ancient sites from the Stone Age.

How to Get There?

There are three main routes if one wants to reach the Shirez Canyon: Kohdasht-Tengeh Shirez Route, Kermanshah-Tengeh Shirez Route, and Lorestan-Tengeh Shirez Route. The best entry point is north of Kohdasht City, where travelers, tourists, and tour guides first travel to Olad Qoba hamlet and reach the Simre River, then continue down the river to Shirez Canyon.

Another entry point is from Kermanshah, where visitors can travel towards Jeyran Belagh and Halashi to reach the Zardlan part of Shirez Canyon and explore it. The last route involves traveling from Khorramabad to Kohdasht and then proceeding to Shirez Canyon via Olad Qobad Road.

Final Words

Shirez Canyon Iran is one of those destinations that you will never forget and always have a feeling to come back and explore it again. Situated near Koohdasht, this valley is full of amazements and natural wonders, making it a mesmerizing location and an ideal one for hiking and exploring nature.

If you are visiting Lorestan Province, make sure to go to the Tangeh-ye Shīrzar or Shirez Valley to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Also, don’t forget to take your friends and families with you to enjoy your time at Shirez Valley even more.

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