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New Julfa, Isfahan, Iran (Religion, Map, Photos)

Isfahan is a city of rich history and the golden capital of delicious souvenirs and eye-catching architecture. The city of Isfahan is situated in the central part of Iran and it is blessed with many cultural and historical sites where one can visit them all and never get tired of the things that Isfahan has to offer. In this article, we will explore the Armenian Quarter of Isfahan. Yes, you heard it right. The New Julfa Isfahan map stretches into the old parts of Isfahan. Let’s get into it.

The Armenian Quarter of Isfahan

New Julfa, also called by its nickname the Armenian Quarter of Isfahan, is a distinct and unique part of the city that provides a great opportunity to explore Isfahan deeply. This neighborhood is famous for its style and architecture and is considered the neighborhood of Armenians since a lot of Christians, especially Armenians, have lived in this unique part of Isfahan.

This amazing neighborhood is also famous in the history book of Isfahan; it was home to many unique houses, such as the first tea house, the first gallery house, and the first modern school. Interestingly, this neighborhood also carries the birth location of classical music and the first lemonade-making factory.

New Julfa Isfahan Map

Situated in the southern part of Zayandeh Rud River, the neighborhood of New Julfa is a popular location and some say that it is the European part of Isfahan. This area is between the Julfa Hotel, Julfa Square, and Vank Church. It is one of the busiest routes and is very crowded during the evenings.

If you want to go to New Julfa Isfahan, you can use public transportation options like taxis and buses. To reach the New Julfa Isfahan Map, first, you should go to Hakim Nezami Street, and then you will find the New Julfa easily.

New Julfa Isfahan History

New Julfa Isfahan’s History dates back to 400 years ago when the government of Iran led by King Abbas Safavi ordered to evacuation of a city and moving all of its people to a new location named Julfa, which is today situated in the country of Azerbaijan. It was a rough winter for these people, many of whom were Armenians.

New Julfa Iran

New Julfa Armenian Neighborhood

So, the next thing that King Abbas Safavi did was that he moved all of Armenians to Isfahan and other provinces to provide them with a better life. He even donated land to them to show his goodwill.

New Julfa Map and Streets

New Julfa Map is filled with beautiful streets that give a cool vibe, and exploring them provides a great chance to enjoy your trip more. One of the famous streets of New Julfa Map is Khaqani Street, which is ideal for having a tour. There are a lot of stores, souvenir shops, and art galleries on this street.

The Lat Astra Alley is another lovely location in New Julfa Map. It is a safe spot for walking and exploring the architectural styles of the neighborhood and visiting different cafes. This alley is crowded at night and has a different, lovely vibe.

Architectural Style

The architectural style of New Julfa Isfahan is one of its key highlights. This neighborhood, showcasing a lot of classical and beautiful houses, is a must-visit destination for tourists. You can explore the alleys and streets and even see old palaces and houses, which are a masterpiece at one glance.

Walk on the pavements of New Julfa, look at the details of houses, and enjoy the fresh air in this lovely area of Isfahan. If you love these features of New Julfa, you won’t even get tired, and you want to come back to this neighborhood more.

Churches of Isfahan New Julfa

One of the main traits of Isfahan city are Churches of Isfahan New Julfa, which shows the importance of Christianity for Armenians. There are more than ten churches in New Julfa, and the most important one is named Vank Church. Vank Church was built during the rulership of King Abbas II and is known for its arches, great walls, and interior art.

vank cathedral

Vank Cathedral Photos

Today, the church also has a museum, which is open to tourists and locals. Other important Churches of Isfahan New Julfa are Serkis Church and Bay Lahm Church, both of which are historical sites and have significance for Armenians. These churches are known for their detail and architecture. Interestingly, the Bayt Lahm Church is among the 23 top churches in the world in terms of beauty.

Cafes of Isfahan New Julfa

In its little alleyways and cool-looking streets, you will see different cafes and restaurants, each with a unique decoration and design. If you have never been to New Julfa, we must say that this place is filled with nice cafes and restaurants.

Hermes Italian Café, Bahar Narenj Café, Ani Café, Setare Café, Ashoob Café, and Firooz Café are some of the most famous spots that are popular and located within the New Julfa. You can try out delicious items and interact with the local people of New Julfa to have a memorable experience.

Also, exploring each of the cafes and restaurants in New Julfa will awaken a feeling of nostalgia in you. So, make sure to check out some of these excellent cafes and restaurants at New Julfa Isfahan.

Best Time to Visit

New Julfa Isfahan is an ideal spot if you want to hang out with your friends or make great memories with your family. Visiting New Julfa Isfahan is ideal at any time of year. However, it is mostly recommended to visit this location during spring when the weather is milder.

Moreover, if you want to visit churches, art galleries, historical houses, and museums, it is recommended to visit during the daytime when they are open. But, if you want to enjoy the cool vibes of the location, explore cafes and restaurants, and meet new people, visiting New Julfa during the evening and early night is ideal.

new julfa

Julfa Square, Armenian Quarter of Isfahan

New Julfa Isfahan on Christmas

Christmas is indeed unique in each part of the world, so it is in the Armenian Quarter of Isfahan, New Julfa. When Christmas arrives, this neighborhood goes into Christmas mode, and you will notice many stores and shops with a Christmas decoration and feel the joy and happiness in the air.

Playing bells of churches, dancing, and playing happy music are some of the things that people do at New Julfa during Christmas in Iran. You will also notice delicious foods and sweets that are baked by local people in this neighborhood. Indeed, Christmas is unique in the New Julfa and is an ideal time to visit this Armenian area with your family.

Final Words

New Julfa Isfahan’s history dates back to many years ago when this city was home to many cultures and societies from all around the world and was known as the capital of Iran. The Armenian Quarter of Isfahan is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to spend great times with their friends and family. The New Julfa Map includes many cafes and churches where tourists and visitors can explore and enjoy their moments in this beloved historical city.

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