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Ali Qapu Palace, Isfahan: Photos, History, Architecture

The Ali Qapu Palace, or Kakh-e Ali Qapu, is an architectural marvel that stands tall and proud in the heart of Isfahan, Iran. This magnificent Isfahan palace, with its intricate architectural design and rich historical significance, has captured the imagination of visitors for centuries. From its commanding position on the western side of Naghshe Jahan […]

Iran National Bird: Name, Photos, Where to Find

Iran is a diverse country that features a rich history and a beautiful culture. Iran is known for many things, beautiful nature, rare animals, delicious cuisine, and rich culture. Iran is one of the most diverse countries with a list of national symbols rather than a single national animal. For example, the Asiatic cheetah, Persian […]

Top Uzbekistan Food You Need to Try + Photos

Since the distant past, Uzbekistan has benefited from the exchange of food culture and culinary ideas with neighboring countries. This cultural exchange, as seen in the art of mosaic design, handicrafts, works of art, and especially food, has led to the prosperity of the country. In this article, we introduce some of Uzbekistan’s top foods. […]

Things to do in Bukhara, Uzbekistan + Photos

Bukhara, located in the heart of Uzbekistan, is a city steeped in history and rich in culture. With its stunning architecture, ancient monuments, and vibrant atmosphere, Bukhara offers a wealth of experiences for travelers. You will enjoy your journey to Bukhara; whether you are a history buff, a lover of art and architecture, or simply […]

Iran’s Top Summer Destinations

Iran, a country with a rich history and diverse culture, boasts some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Iran is a land of mountains, deserts, rivers, and the warm Gulf waters of the Persian Gulf. For centuries, Iran has been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, and each […]

Top 10 Iranian Movies

Today, we cannot imagine the world without cinema, as it is one of the most popular forms of art. One of the most famous French directors, Jean-Luc Godard quotes about cinema: “Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the whole world”. Moreover, we can state that cinema of every country is a representative of the […]