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Keshit Waterfall, Kerman (History, Location, Facts, Photos)

Located in the historical city of Kerman is the renowned Keshit waterfall. Keshit Golbaf waterfall of Kerman is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena, which is located 24 miles from Shahdad city in the Golbaf district. This waterfall has created a wonderful view next to the desert landscape of the region. Keshit waterfall is located in a valley bearing the same name and is the product of the rivers that meander in the heart of the desert.

About Keshit Kerman

Due to the presence of this serene waterfall, Keshit Valley has become a green place and is full of trees that cast their shadow on the landscape. The height of the Keshit waterfall reaches 12 meters, and around it, there is special flora, such as flowers and ferns.

The high-pressure flow of this natural phenomenon has formed a beautiful pond whose area reaches 600 square meters. Keshit Waterfall has a height of 12 meters. The water of this waterfall is sweet and falls into the abovementioned large and deep natural pond. The locals call this pond “Darya,” which means sea in Persian.

This natural Keshit pond is home to Red Garra fish, which are also known as nibble fish or doctor fish. These small and harmless aquatic animals mainly feed on the dead parts of human skin; for this reason, in most spas, people use them to clean the dead skin of the heels.

Swimming in the clear and cool water of this natural pond and being around these tiny creatures help relieve your fatigue and stress. Interestingly, in this area, you will find a village and a historical castle inspired by the Bam citadel of Iran.

Observing the rocks and ferns grown around the waterfall, and the groves, fruits, and citrus trees of this area makes one wonder and harbor a deep love for this magnificent location. All this freshness and beauty is caused by the flow of rivers and waterfalls that have influenced the weather and climatic conditions of this region.

Keshit waterfall and its surrounding lands were located near the Silk Road of Iran in the past. Keshit bandits used to hide in this area and attack the caravans of merchants and travelers in the olden days. However, today, this place is considered one of the most relaxing places in Iran.

keshit waterfall kerman

Keshit Waterfall Photos

Although this region is considered an arid land, you will see that it is like no other desert you have ever visited, and this is because the type of plants and trees grown in Keshit are very unique in this area. The fruit trees, citrus trees, and groves around this area are not compatible with the weather and climatic conditions of the famous Lut desert, and typically, these trees depict an unreal and legendary landscape.

All this freshness and vitality in the middle of a dry desert without water and grass seems like an incredible miracle. There is a historical village near this waterfall, whose inhabitants welcome the tourists to Keshit with hearts as warm as the desert sun.

Keshit Waterfall Location

How to get to Keshit Kerman? There are several ways to get to the city of Kerman. You can either drive there by car or get a plane ticket by visiting the websites of tourism agencies and fly to Kerman. After reaching Kerman, you have to drive a 62-mile route to Kavir Lut. To reach this waterfall, you need to advance another 40 miles in the heart of the desert (Location on map).

Those interested in road and land trips can go to Shahdad city or Kerman, depending on their starting point, by train, bus, or private car, and later journey to the Lut Desert and Keshit Waterfall.

Keshit Waterfall History

In the core of the Lut desert, right under the hot sun and in the heart of a dry and barren plain, there lies a green, lush, and fantastic oasis. This dreamland was formed via the rush of the nearby rivers and resulted in the formation of the Keshit waterfall in a valley, which is also called Keshit.

This waterfall eventually turned into a large pond and a flowing river at its intersection with the ground. In addition, upon reaching the valley, these rivers flow through its wall and form an imaginary mirage.

Recreation in Keshit Waterfall Kerman

Diving: At the foot of this unique waterfall, a pond has formed naturally, where daredevils and adventurous tourists can experience an exciting dive from the height of the Keshit Valley. Even though this natural pool has different depths, don’t forget to consider the depth of your desired spot before diving.

Kerman Keshit Waterfall

Keshit Waterfall in Kerman City

Bathing with fresh water: Bathing in nature is one of the pleasures that cannot be missed. If you are one of those journeyers who love to step into a pond and make use of its freshness, you can experience a refreshing bath in the Keshit waterfall of Kerman. As mentioned earlier, in this natural pond, there are species of healing fish that eat the dry and dead skin of the body. Despite their healing properties, some people may not like to encounter these fish while bathing. So, be cautious when entering the pond.

Picnic: It is best to bring the necessary equipment for a relaxing picnic in this area and enjoy your excursion.

Photography: If you are interested in photography, Keshit waterfall, with its magnetizing nature and unique landscape, can add a treasure of beautiful and amazing waterfall photos to your photo album of memories. 

Keshit Waterfall Facts

Next to Keshit waterfall, there are no amenities for tourists or visitors, so it is better to bring a complete set of equipment and necessary supplies along with you when visiting Keshit. If you wish to access more facilities, you can go to the Keshit village, which is not very far from the waterfall.

Best Time to Visit Keshit Waterfall

The best time for you to trip to the enchanting waterfall of Keshit is early autumn to mid-spring.

Spring: According to the desert weather, early spring to late May can be a striking fresh spring opportunity to travel to Keshit waterfall.

Summer: Considering the scorching heat of the desert in summer, a trip to Keshit waterfall is not recommended in this season of the year.

Autumn: The season with thousands of colors! Autumn is the best time to visit the Keshit Waterfall.

Winter: The cold days of winter can also be a good choice for experiencing a different atmosphere and traveling to Keshit waterfall.

Accommodations in Keshit Waterfall

You can stay at Keshit Gulbaf waterfall in Kerman effortlessly. When traveling to Keshit Waterfall Kerman, you can choose one of the following options according to your preferences. You need to bear in mind that most rural houses in the area do not have legal permits. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of travelers and natives of the region, staying in these houses is not recommended.

We recommend:

  • Ecotourism residences in Keshit village
  • Rural Houses with Permits
  • Camping

Final Word

Keshit waterfall is truly a flashing location of the Lut desert and adds to its many surprises. This waterfall, which is one of the tourist attractions of Kerman, is situated in the village also called Keshit in the southeast of Shahdad. If you are really fond of exciting natural recreations, you should visit the enthralling waterfall of Keshit Iran.

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