Raghez Canyon

Raghez Canyon in Fars Province (Location, Hike, Tour, Map)

Raghez Canyon is among the best tourist attraction sites for adventurers and daredevils who seek exciting activities when traveling across the globe. This exceptional canyon is nestled in the province of Fars in southwest Iran. A province rich in culture and history. Not only do you get the chance to encounter the historical monuments of Fars, but also have the opportunity to spend time exploring its enchanting natural locations. If you are among the people who are interested in excitement and adventure, we recommend the experience of traveling to the spectacular Raghez Canyon.

Raghez Canyon of Fars Province

Raghez or Reghez Canyon, also known as the Lord of all Iranian canyons, is a place where freshwater from the forests, mountains, and textured stones have come together to create a mesmerizing scenery. This natural architecture is a work that has taken thousands of years to form. Each waterfall and reservoir in the canyon is different from the others, and each bears its own beauty.

Along the way, the huge walls of Raghez Canyon sometimes come together and resemble a cave, and in some areas, these gigantic walls are separated from each other, creating a beautiful view. The pleasant sound of the waterfall, the thrilling hiking and mountain climbing experience, swimming in the clear ponds, and seeing the beautiful trout fish are all among the fascinating and memorable moments of being in the enticing Raghez Canyon.

The water that flows in the Raghez Canyon comes from a spring in the heart of a forest. The water then flows to the southern valley for a distance of five kilometers. Moreover, along the route, which is one of the best hiking and tourism routes in Iran, there are 60 beautiful natural ponds in sight. The river then separates into dozens of smaller and bigger waterfalls and reservoirs.

Reghez Canyon Shiraz

Raghez Canyon in Shiraz

The ponds of Reghez Canyon have a depth of between 6 to 20 meters, and their length reaches up to 100 meters. The ponds of Reghez are surrounded by high stone walls, creating an eccentric formation between which a small part of the sky is visible.

The Raghez Canyon is approximately four kilometers long from the source of the Raghez River to the South Valley. The canyon contains 64 waterfalls and 100 natural ponds, of which only 14 waterfalls and reservoirs in the southern valley are of interest to the general public and mountaineers. Arriving at the last waterfall of the South Valley, which has a height of 35 meters, the South Valley of Raghez comes to an end.

What Does “Raghez” Mean?

Raghez means inviolate nature or a slippery road. Although this name is popular among mountaineers and admirers of the nature of Iran, the local people call it Rudkhiz Canyon instead of Raghez. It is believed that the water present in the canyon is as clear as the tears from one’s eyes. For this reason, Raghez has attracted countless visitors from around the country and the world since it offers fresh and clean water to anyone looking for a pleasant swim in the natural waters of the Earth.

Raghez Canyon Location

The Raghez Canyon, or Raghez Valley, is located in the Zagros Mountain Ranges in the Fasarud district, which is 30 kilometers from the northwest of Darab County, near the Raghez village.

Raghez Canyon Hike

Experience Raghez Canyon Hike

Raghez is surely one of the most captivating natural tourist attraction sites in Iran. This canyon is situated in a region called Hassan Abad, in the southeast of Fars province, which from the north is surrounded by Neyriz and Estehban counties, from the west by Fasa County, from the south by Lar and Zarin Dasht counties, and from the east by Hormozgan province.

How to Get to The Raghez Canyon?

To go to Raghez Canyon, first, you have to reach the city of Darab in Fars province. After traveling a distance of 35 km from the Darab-Shiraz Road, you will get to Darakoye Pass. If you take a look at the Raghez Canyon map, you will see that a dirt road starts from here. By using a suitable vehicle, you have to pass the area of the mountain with trees located on the left side of the route. This path takes about two hours to cross. When the dirt road comes to an end, the rest of the route should be on foot.

Raghez Canyon Hike

When you start walking from the right side of the road, you will reach the Bidak Spring. The continuation of the hiking route is without slope. Gradually, the slope increases, then it changes to a downhill. Later, by passing over the big stones of the canyon, you will finally approach the spring on a path without any slopes.

Best Time to Visit Raghez Canyon

With time, this picturesque canyon has shaped the surrounding rocks with the clear water flowing from a forest and has given birth to a special vegetation. It is the aesthetic nature of Raghez Canyon that makes this place so popular. The best time for a trip to Raghez Canyon is from April to late September. This time of the year is ideal for visiting this unique canyon. Its lush and tall trees will accompany you to the Raghez Canyon itself.

Probably, like any other hiker and adventurer, you will get excited with every moment as you reach this spectacular place. In addition, if you visit the Raghez Canyon in summer, you can make the exhausting heat of summer more enjoyable for you and your companions with the coolness of the freshwater pouring down from the rocks.

Raghez Canyon Tour

Numerous mountaineers, hikers, and canyoners participate in Raghez Canyon tours to ascend the colossal rocks of this striking natural phenomenon. Annually, multiple tours are made available for professionals and novices for a thrilling experience in Raghez. Some of the tours are a 2-day trip where the first day is spent in training, teaching canyoning, and caving.

Reghez Canyon Photos

Reghez Canyon Photos

There are also tours available for a private group of people or merely professional cavers and canyoners. Depending on your preferences, you can select the best tour option suitable for your visit. Please note that you must have the necessary equipment for the Reghez Canyon tours, and going alone is considered risky. You must carry equipment such as a life jacket, a helmet, rope, a vest, carabiners (climbing tools), a harness (climbing seat), suitable shoes, etc.

Safety Tips Before Visiting Reghez Canyon

Before traveling to Reghez Canyon, please check the weather conditions and take seriously the risks of rain and slippery rocks.

Carry safety equipment, including rock climbing equipment for the trip.

Be sure to travel with a professional tour or with a local guide.

You need to know how to swim for this trip because you are going to cross many ponds.

Be physically prepared for rock climbing and long-distance hiking.

You will pass through several heights during this trip, so keep in mind that if you are afraid of heights, this trip may be difficult for you.

In the case of other trips, it is recommended to travel in a larger group, but when traveling to the Reghez Canyon, the fewer group members, the safer the trip will be.

Final Word

Knowing that in recent years, countless tourists have shown much interest in sightseeing natural locations and journeying to unknown places, Raghez Canyon can be one of the ideal destinations for such groups of people to have a memorable and rare experience during their excursion.

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