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Iran Air Airline (History, Booking, Ticket Price, Destinations)

Iran Air Airlines goes beyond its title by opening doors to global adventures. Having a reputation for more than half a century, Iran Air has made travel seamless and convenient for foreigners and local travelers. The Airline founded by Reza Afshar has offered millions of passengers the opportunity to gain access to many major cities in the world, providing them with an endless gateway of possibilities. Iran Air gives access to an extensive network of countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. If you are seeking to discover the cultural and historical gems of Iran, you should select Iran Air for your next flight.

About Iran Air Airline

Iran Air was established 78 years ago in April 1946 with the cooperation of two airlines, Iranian Airways and Pars Airways. The original name of Iran Air was “Iran’s National Airways” with the abbreviated name “Homa”.

The company officially started its first air travel service on the route from Tehran to Mashhad City after World War II to create a national airline and serve Iranians. Within 17 years (from 1945 to 1962), it gradually became the most important domestic airline with only a few international flights.

In 1955, another private airline was established under the name Persian Airways Pars. The Persian Airways was only responsible for transporting cargo to Europe.

Iran Air Logo Establishment – “Homa”

In the same year, the design of Homa’s trademark was put to competition in the Keihan and other newspapers. Later, the winning design for the Airline became Homa’s trademark, which is one of the most eccentric trademarks for the Airline. The Homa design is derived from the stone structures of the mythical bird called Homa in Persepolis. The mythical bird has three unique features: an eagle’s head, a cow’s ear, and a horse’s mane.

Why Choose Iran Air?

The primary goals of introducing Iran Air were to cover the needs of air transportation within the country along with more adherence to the principles of flight safety and establishing air transportation services with neighboring and distant countries, while at the same time observing the mutual agreements of the commercial bases and interests of the country.

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Iran Air Airline

Among the primary goals of the establishment of “Homa,” the Islamic Republic of Iran Airline Company “Homa” has been able to aid the people of Iran as a powerful transportation system for about half a century. Iran Air has tried to carry out its duties optimally by moving passengers, exporting and importing cargo, and mail in the domestic and international networks.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines “Homa” has 60 years of experience, and during this time, it has brought millions of Iranian and foreign passengers to their destinations through hundreds of safe and luxurious flights. Relying on such a track record, Homa intends to continue its development path with complete efficiency.

Iran Air History

In 1942, with the efforts of two Iranian businessmen named Reza Afshar and Gholam Ebtahaj, Iran’s first airline company, Iranian Airways, was introduced. Even though the demand for air travel was very low in those years and there was no suitable infrastructure, with the support of the experts of the time, Homa Airlines was able to open the Tehran-Mashhad airline and provide Tehran-Mashhad Iran Air tickets. In this way, Iranians could travel by air for the first time in history.

In the following years, Iranian Airways was able to expand its flights to the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Bushehr, Abadan, and Ahvaz. However, Iran Air was aiming to establish international flight networks, and this was one of the goals that the Iran Air Agency was looking for.

The monopoly in the market was able to raise the profit for Iran Air to the extent that Homa Airlines was able to launch Iran Air’s outgoing flights to Beirut, Cairo, Paris, and Tel Aviv. In 1954, the Persian Air Service company was established under the name of Pars Airlines, which remained a competitor of Iranian Airways for many years.

At first, Persian Air Service, or Pars Airways, was established only for the purpose of moving cargo. Later, the company was able to add several foreign destinations to its flight destinations. Passengers could fly to cities such as Paris, London, Brussels, and Geneva from Mehrabad Airport and Abadan airports in Iran via the flights of Pars Company. In 1962, these two companies were merged by the Iranian government, and the resulting company was announced as National Iran National Airlines (Homa).

Logo Designing

The coloring of “Homa” planes was designed by a German company. The design was in such a way that the body of the plane was completely white, and the word “Iran Air” was written in bold blue color on the front part of the plane.

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Iran Air Logo

The “Homa” logo was engraved in bold blue color on the tail of the plane together with a line with the same color above the logo.

Recognized as One of the Top Airway Logos

Moreover, in 2013, the Iran Air Airway was recognized as one of the top 100 logos of Iran at the 10th National Festival of Iranian Industry Champions. In the 2013 report of the Air Transport News Agency, the logo of Iran National Airlines (Homa) was selected as the best logo of the world’s airlines among the top 30 airline company logos due to its attractiveness, simplicity, and expressiveness of the message it conveyed.

Iran Air after the Islamic Revolution of Iran

The revolution in Iran in 1979 caused a change in the management and strategies of Iran Air Airlines, and the disturbances caused the company to move away from its peak. Many foreign flights of Iran Air were canceled, and Mehrabad Airport became Iran’s only international airport. The eight-year war between Iran and Iraq damaged the activities of Iran Air even more, making the Abadan Airport (the center of Iran’s oil activities) completely out of business. The war resulted in the few remaining Iran Air flights facing successive delays, and Iran Air gradually fell behind its local competitors.

Iran Air was known as Homa Airlines from the beginning of its establishment until it changed its name to Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines in 1982 according to the decision of the managers at the time. Iran Air is the only domestic airline that has been allowed to use the Iranian flag in its advertisements since its establishment.

Iran Air Fleet from 1942 to 1961

In the early days of the founding of Iran Air, the company utilized several Douglas DC-3 aircraft. These aircraft were built in 1935 by the Douglas Aircraft Company, and its entry into the world’s aviation fleet caused great change. Afterwards, several Douglas DC-4 aircraft were purchased by Iran and supplied to Iran Air’s fleet.

Compared to its predecessor model, which flew with two engines, the latter aircraft had four engines and could fly at longer distances. Iranian Air later bought three four-engine turboprop Vickers Viscount aircraft from the British company Vickers Viscount and expanded its fleet. The Shah of Iran from the Pahlavi dynasty used a Vickers Viscount plane as his personal plane.

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Iran Air Tour

Iran Air or Homa Airways, which was originally established only for air cargo, employed a few twin-engine Avro York airplanes manufactured by the British Avro company. With the expansion of the company’s activities, several more Douglas DC-7 aircraft were also employed, which were a more advanced model of the older Douglas DC models.

Iran Air Destinations

The Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran flights have a wide range and cover many domestic and international destinations. Considering that the flight routes of different airlines are constantly changing, we recommend that you refer to the official website of the airline or the flight routes page of the Frangar website to get comprehensive and up-to-date information about the flight schedule of Homa and other airlines of the country. Currently, Iran Air’s International destinations are Koln, Hamburg, Vienna, Milan, Paris, Rome, London, Frankfurt, Baku, Mumbai, Beirut, Dubai, Doha, Najaf, Istanbul, Beirut, and Kuwait.

Iran Air Ticket Price

In general, Iran Air has 2 flight classes, which are the Homa Class and Economy Class. Homa class has a special first-class seat, which has the advantage of providing special services to passengers during the flight, economy class is the cheapest type of ticket with the minimum service standard, and its position is at the end of the plane after Homa class.

Homa Class Food Service – First Class

The Homa class passengers of Iran Air, i.e., in the first class section, will receive special services from the beginning of the flight, which also encompass services during the flight.

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Iran Air Booking

For example, the possibility of choosing the service using the food menu, serving foreign dishes, receiving a travel gift bag, packing saffron in an ornamented box, flowers, etc., are among the details of these special services offered during the flight.

Iran Air Online Check-in

Iran Air website is one of the most visited websites in Iran with the address By clicking on the link to the website of Iran Air, you can get thorough information about Iran Air flight schedules, ticket prices, and many more.

The website offers complete details about flights and includes several sections. Each section contains very detailed information. Sections, such as an overview of Iran Air Airline Company, which is shown on the first page of the Iran Air website, and the online purchase of Iran Air tickets, which entails reservations of tickets for Iran Air’s foreign and domestic flights. Iran Air tickets can be purchased in two methods: the first method is buying the Iran Air ticket online from the website, and the second method is visiting the Iran Air ticket booking offices in person.

Final Word

The Islamic Republic of Iran Airline Company, Homa, has been at the disposal of the people of Iran as an aid for many years. The airline has attempted to perform its duties ideally by transporting passengers to countless major cities, offering both domestic and international networks. For an airline carrying the national flag of Iran, there is no higher honor than to always serve the people who owe their existence to their support and assistance. Iran Air airplanes offer you a unique experience and refined luxury for your journey.

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