An Inspiring Tour by Truck to Discover the Beauties of Iran

One of the UK based companies, pioneer in organizing overland ventures by trucks, has planned to have a visit of the beauties of Iran during its overland journey to Central Asia. They started their travels to the Middle East in 1998.

In June 2014, they had a 19 day trip to Iran. They crossed Kavir desert, Isfahan, Persepolis city, Tehran, Mashad and many less well known smaller places during that trip. All their 16 adventurous travellers were surprised by the Iranians’ hospitality and eye-catching sights.

This year, they have organized a 24 day tour to Central Asia with the name of “TBILISI to ASHGABAT Iran Caravan”. As the tourists were satisfied with terrific Persian food, friendly people, amazing scenery and culture during the last travel, Iran is again on the list. They will visit Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Turkmenistan. Isfahan, Tehran, Persepolis, Shiraz, Yazd, Dasht e Kavir desert and Mashad are planned to be visited in Iran. They will arrive in Tabriz on May 20 and leave Mashad on June 3 heading off to Ashgabat.

Iran Doostan Tours Co. (IDT) as the organizer of Oasis Overland tour to Iran in 2017 welcomes the tourists and whishes them one of the most dreamy travels to Iran, the land of intact nature and ancient culture.