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Is Maranjab the most beautiful Iran desert?

Varzaneh, Mesr, Chah Aroos, and the Maranjab Desert are the well- known Iran deserts, among which the Maranjab Desert is an astonishing one. The desert consists of so many cultural and historical monuments such as Shah Abbas Carvensarai, Dastkand Wells, Salt Lake, and huge sand dunes which makes it the best. The magnificent Maranjab Desert […]

Genuine places to know Iranian music

Music as the next trending diet? Sounds easy enough! According to research, the combination of soft lighting and music leads people to consume less food and enjoy it more. Iran has very rich music in every genre. From years ago, many songs have found their way to people’s hearts and became an undeletable part of […]

Shiraz tourist attractions

Have you ever thought how would heaven look like? You would probably think of someplace full of flowers and blossoms, with enormous fountains and green gigantic trees. Then you are probably thinking of a place like Shiraz. This amazing city has embraced many historical and natural attractions that no visitor thinking of a dreamy trip […]

Iran Doostan CEO message from FITUR 2020 exhibition

Greetings from Madrid, FITUR 2020 exhibition, to everyone fascinated by Iran’s history and culture and those who are interested in traveling to this ancient land. A land that has the reputation of having developed one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Yesterday was the third day of the FITUR 2020 exhibition, the international event […]

The most mysterious places to visit in Iran

Where you should go to visit while traveling to Iran? Shiraz and Ispahan are just some parts of this country. stay with us to find the most mysterious places you should go to. Takht-e Soleyman Lake Takht-e Soleyman is a spectacular area with lots of secrets, the most impressive area is Takht-e Soleyman Lake located […]

Seriously, what is happening in Iran?

The crash of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 in Iran, took-off from Tehran on 8 January, has raised a lot of concerns over safety issues of traveling to Iran. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian plane crash caused the death of 176 passengers and crew aboard, which has raised intranational tensions on media against Iran. Are you among those […]