Gahar Lake- Iran local attractions

5 Best Hidden gems in Iran (Photos, Info)

What does Iran remind you of? Probably the Persepolis or the Pink Mosque. But this is not all about Iran, there are loads of hidden gems in Iran only known by the locals. This article introduces some of Iran local attractions you should not miss while traveling to Iran.

Alamut Castle

Have you ever been to an eagle’s nest? Alamut means eagle’s nest, due to its strategic position and design of the castle structure and walls, it is given this name. Located in the northwest of Qazvin province and close to Gazer Khan Village,  Alamut Castle was built by Hasan Sabah, the propagator of Shiite Ismaili, who chose this area for himself during the Seljuk period. The castle was taken by Mongolia Hulaku Khan in 654 AH and there are still the remains of it where visitors can pay a visit. In order to visit castle, you should go by van, it usually takes about four hours to get there, at some points the altitude is 2200 meters above the sea level. Alamut region has a mountainous winding road with a spectacular and picturesque landscape that you can enjoy relaxing in such pleasant weather.


Hidden gems in Iran: The impressive Alamut Castle

Raghe canyon

Rafsanjan is one of the important cities in Kerman province, located 100 km near Kerman. Raghe Canyon has situated a short distance from the city of Rafsanjan, which is a fascinating natural phenomenon in Iran also known as the “dead valley”. This valley is created by alluvial erosion caused by the Guivdary River, for several thousand years. The length of the valley is about 20 km and the depth is 70 meters, the opening of the valley is about 180 meters. Diversity of wildlife here is amazing due to being close to a protected area; eagle, partridge bird and gazelle are some of the wildlife species in the region. Another interstring point about Raghe is that it is in the middle of a path where two important natural historical attractions of Kerman (the village of Meymand and the Lut desert with its spectacular Kalouts (enormous and extraordinary geological figures emerged as a result of severe erosion) as the UNESCO World Heritages are located.

Rage canyon- Unknown local attractions in Iran

Hidden gems in Iran – Rage canyon: A natural attraction created by alluvial erosion caused by the Guivdary River.

Babak castel

Let’s visit Babak castle, a castle belonged to a national hero! Located 16 km southwest of Kaleybar, East Azerbaijan province, Babak Castle is also known as the Immortal Castle, was constructed on top of a mountain with 2600 meter height. Babak Khoramdin was an activist and a militant leader who fought bravely against Arab invaders. There are facilities on the east side of this two-story castle including some rooms and reservoirs, the roofs of reservoirs are chevron and rocking. There is a corridor right before the entrance gate of the castle which used to be under the control of guardians in the past. Having passed this corridor, you will face another entrance with irregular steps through which you can reach the castle. In the northwest side of the palace, there are some stairs which were used to make arriving at the castle more convenient, however, not much has remained today. It takes about two hours to get to Babak castle from Tabriz and the best time to visit is from April to September.

Babak Castle- Iran local attractions

Hidden gems in Iran – Babak Castle: A man-made fort built on top of a mountain in the northwest of Iran.

Gahar lake

In the heart of Zagros mountains, beside Oshtorankuh massif, in the province of Lorestan, there is a lake with gorgeous scenery attracting many visitors to the off-the-beaten-path region all around the year. It is 2360m above the sea level, 1700m long and 500m wide. The depth of the lake is 28m maximum. The region has been under good protection lately, so the environment, the flora, and fauna in the area have almost remained unharmed. Located among Oshtorankooh mountain chains which have a striking similarity to glacial lakes, Gahar lake has come into existence as a result of a landslide. The area is accessible through Dorood and Aligoodarz cities and the lake is feed from rills and springs flowing from the near highland. The thousands of visitors visit Gahar lake every year. The area is strongly recommended for staying overnight. You can easily set up your own tent and have a picnic while enjoying fishing in the lake. The best way to get there is a climb to Tpaleh Straight from Aligoudarz and then enjoy hiking to the lake.

Gahar Lake- Iran

Hidden gems in Iran – Gahar Lake, Lorestan: A natural attraction mostly visited by local people.

Izadkhast Castle

located on the ancient Silk Road between Shiraz and Isfahan, Izadkhast is not only a castle but also a whole complex consisting of Castle, a caravanserai, and a bridge dating back to Safavid period in Iran. Different architectural styles from different periods of Iran history including the Sassanid and Qajar periods have been incorporated into the castle which has brought about a valuable and unique construction and made it worth a visit.  Many travelers heading Isfahan or Shiraz enjoy a stop on the way and have a picnic lunch around the beautiful scenery of the construction.

Izadkhast Castle - Iran

Hidden gems in Iran: Izadkhast Castle

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