Why visit Iran? the reasons Why You Should Visit Iran

“One side Persian Gulf

The other Caspian Sea”

This is how Shafiei Kadkani, a great modern Persian poet, addresses Iran in one of his poems. The two aquatics on the Northern and Southern borders have created a geographically unique shape for Iran that makes it easy to find the country on the world map. Sitting between the two continents of Asia and Europe has made Iran the bridge that connects the two worlds and from the old days it has been the gateway for the nations that wanted to travel on the Silk Road.

All the propaganda in media about Iran has made very incorrect assumption about this country and its people in minds that learned about the country this way only. All the travelers who have a tour to Iran for the first time are constantly surprised by the huge gap between the reality they are experiencing on their trip and what they have heard before.

The best and the most surprising part of a tour in Iran is Iranian people. Iranian people are known as one of the most hospitable people in the world. Guests are sacred for Iranians and the farther the guests come from the lovelier and more respectable they are. Now imagine if the guest is form a different country. On your Iran travel be ready for the random greetings by people on the street and invitations for tea in a local café or for a dinner meal at their house.

The love for being the host must be coming from the love of humanity that has been the legacy of the Persian ancestors. Cyrus the Great whose cylinder the author of the first human rights in the world was the greatest king of Persia. Cyrus created a great unity over the world’s most multi‐national, multi‐lingual, multi‐cultural, multi‐religious, and multi‐ethnic region of the world without being unfair to anyone.

Another reason that surprises Iran travelers a lot is the beauty of the country. It is widely believed Iran is all covered by deserts and dry cracked lands, but once one sees the varied and dramatic landscape of Iranian plateau such as the green lush forests of the Caspian shores, the majestic Alborz and Zagros Mountains, endless green hills of northern region, mysterious caves, and gorgeous plains on the foot of mountains will appreciate the uniqueness of Iran’s natural beauty.

Persian literature can be added to the amusement list of Iran too. The great Persian poets such as Hafez, Saadi, Nizami, Attar, Ferdowsi, Khayam, and etc., have numerous fans around the world. Their rhymed poetry will be the soundest music in your ear. The ecstatic poems of Molana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, Persian poet and Sufi master, is the most popular in United States and in the world.  Millions of copies of his poetry sold globally in recent years.

The beauty of Iran cannot be expressed in words; you must see it and feel it all by yourself. This ancient land has a lot to show you. Your entire visit will be filled by beautiful memories that are only unique to this country and its people.

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