January 19 is National Clean Air Day on Iranian calendar

Masoumeh Ebtekar, chief of the Department of Environment on her speech yesterday focused on the responsible organizations and their obligations to bring back the blue sky to the major cities of the country, most specially Tehran. Ebtekar explained about the accomplishments that different organizations have made under her supervision to reduce air pollution and reminded that it will take a long time to have clean air again. Pollutant industries have given 6 months to reconsider their production with new standards and reduce making heavy metals and nitrogen oxide.

Ebtekar said the clean air bill that has been waiting to be approved by the parliament for a year and half will be examined and be voted on very soon. The bill assigns obligations to different organizations to reduce production of air pollutants.

For the National Clean Air Day some residents of Tehran signed a letter to the mayor and the authorities and asked to replace the old minibuses of Tehran with the new ones as soon as possible. A promise was made by the authorities for the replacement eleven years ago but it has not been fulfilled yet.

Digital marketing team of Iran Doostan Tours Co. made a contribution on this national day by taking the subway instead of their car to go to work.

Clean Air Day