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Things to do in Mashhad (photos, timing, info)

Whenever you hear the name of Mashhad city, you may probably think of the most religious and boring city in Iran. But the truth is that there are a lot of fascinating and interesting places waiting for you. Mashhad, the capital of Razavi Khorasan province, is a vast and beautiful region located in the northeast part of Iran. This holy city is famous for the production of the best quality saffron in the world, it is also the most popular souvenir among its visitors that everybody loves. Mashhad is the only city in Iran that has millions of visitors each year and it’s the most crowded city on holidays. You can start your trip from The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza to expansive green valleys in Chalidareh to keep an amazing time for keeping in memory. We wish you a spiritual and memorable experience in this holy city of Iran. For more information on religious tours to Iran, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Imam Reza Holy Shrine

If you are looking for a spiritual overhauling experience, the holiest site in Iran, the place where you can find God reflected in your heart without any shadow, is The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. Imam Reza is the only Imam being buried in Iran therefore his tomb is so respectful among Muslims. Many Iranians and tourists from nearby countries spend some days in Mashhad to visit the tomb of Imam Reza, especially on some holidays like his birth or death dates or even Ramadan, the shrine will be so crowded but it can be visited any time of the year. The shrine contains the mausoleum of the 8th Shia Imam, The Goharshad Mosque, the Library, a dining hall, vast prayer halls for pilgrims, and museums such as carpet and coin collections. You can find ancient coins from the Sasanid dynasty or medals dedicated to the shrine by famous athletes like Takhti; a great and popular wrestler. Non-Muslims can enter the shrine, but they won’t be allowed to approach Imam’s tomb. Women are supposed to wear a hijab and chador to enter the shrine. It’s better to visit here with a local guide to comply with the local customs and rules. There will also be a fast inspection for men and women separately. The efforts of volunteered workers while placing and handling the carpets with love and care to prepare high standards of respect for visitors are admirable. The shrine has got a unique and rich interior that has been built more than a hundred years ago. Mirror and tile works, form a dreamy image to fondle eyes. The golden dome and the blue background of the walls. This shrine is an architectural treasure. Every corner of it has its own spectacular design. For keeping an unforgettable memory of your trip to Mashhad, visit the holy shrine during evening prayers and spend some time by the fountain and watch the white heavenly pigeons flying above the shrine.


Things to do in Mashhad – Imam Reza is the only Imam being buried in Iran therefore his tomb is so respectful among Muslims.

Goharshad Mosque

Goharshad Mosque can be accessed from one of the courtyards of the Holy Shrine and now is a part of the shrine itself. This architectural masterpiece has a great history behind it; the mosque was built by the order of King Shahrokh’s wife, Goharshad, back in the Timurid dynasty. The colors used in Goharshad Mosque designs are the first thing to capture your eyes. You can take a moment to appreciate the beautiful artwork from the Timurid era; the Iranian tiles and plastering work, the shining mirrors on interior ceilings, and the merging minarets on both sides of the iwan, raised from the ground are all samples of Iranian and Islamic architecture.
You can use Mashhad BRT or Metro systems. If you’re using BRT buses, you can reach the shrine from anywhere in Mashhad. You can get off any station at Imam Reza boulevard, Tabarsi St., or Beit-al Moghadas St. in case of using the metro, take Shohada or 17 Shahrivar metro station to access Imam Reza Holy Shrine.
Opening hours: 24 hours


Things to do in Mashhad – The turquoise color used in Goharshad Mosque designs is the first thing to capture your eyes.

Tomb of Nader Shah

The tomb of Nader Shah is iconic for being the burial of a true Persian king. Nader Shah, the founder of the Afsharid dynasty, was a very important figure in Iran’s history that lead Iran into glory and expansion. The tomb is located in Naderi Garden near the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad. It was Nader Shah’s last wish to be buried near Imam Reza’s Shrine after his death. The king’s life had lots of dramas and exciting stories that you can learn about on this site. A monument has been built in remembrance of Nader Shah; a statue of Nader Shah on horseback, along with a number of soldiers mounted on a high volume of stone. The complex contains two museums in which you can find the old map of Iran which had its widest boards in the Afsharid dynasty and weapons such as arrows, guns, cannons, armor, etc. that had been used by the king. There are also bookstore and souvenir shops back of the main building that sells handicrafts and all sorts of gifts. Next to the Nader Shah’s tomb, there is the tomb of Coronel Mohammad Taghi Khan, who was a popular military leader in Iran and was also known to be the first Iranian who successfully could fly an aircraft. Try to take some time in the garden to enjoy the way that the beautiful architecture and designs of this place give it even a more loving and living sense than it already has and feels the magic of history. At last, try the little photography place and dress as kings or queens and keep the memory of your travel to Mashhad.
Get to the Shohada or 17 Shahrivar metro station, then take a taxi or walk for about 5 minutes on Shirazi Avenue and you will reach the Tomb of Nader Shah in Mashhad.
Opening hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Mashhad-Nadershah tomb

Things to do in Mashhad – A monument has been built in remembrance of Nader Shah, the powerful king in Iran’s history.

Chalidarreh Dam Complex

The scenery of this place makes every visitor smile and it provides happy moments for them to experience in Mashhad. Its nature opens its heart to anyone who seeks a break from the tension of city life. Along with the calmness of the place, some activities were provided for visitors to increase their adrenaline and to present a fun and entertaining place to spend a nice day with family and friends. The most attractive feature of Chalidarreh is the chairlift takes you over the lake and the hills around. You can use the chairlifts to go from one station to another. There is also a train that will take you up the hills to have a nice view of the lake and its surroundings. The lake has many functions like watering the farmlands which have a great profit for the Chalidarreh complex as well. Cross over the lake by paddle or speed boats that have been prepared for your boat riding. A small zoo and bungee jumping and zip lines have been provided for your interests. Daredevils can use the zip line to fly over the lake. There are different types of restaurants and cafés around, in which you can enjoy a nice view of the lake while enjoying your time with your family and friends.
Drive or take a taxi to Torghabeh, get to Imam Reza boulevard, and then at the end of the Khomeini ring road, you will reach your destination.
Opening hours: 9 am – 12 am


Things to do in Mashhad – The surrounding nature of Chalidare opens its heart to anyone who seeks a break from the tension of city life

Kang Village

If you’ve never seen an ancient village built up over a hillside, then you would definitely get excited to see Kang Village. The architecture of the village is fascinating. The houses are built in a way that the roof of one house is another house’s front yard. The people who still live here are so kind and simple. Watching the people still caring for each other and helping one another, just melts your heart. Visitors believe autumn is the best season to visit Kang Village because of the colorful leaves along the river that makes an outstanding scenery. The fresh air and a beautiful view with a calm atmosphere are all you need to tramp around and relax for a moment. Having both views of mountains and rivers is just a gift to appreciate life and enjoy the moment. That’s all traveling is about.


Things to do in Mashhad – visitors believe autumn is the best season to visit Kang Village because of the colorful leaves along the river that makes outstanding scenery.

You can buy some dried fruits or smocked tea to freshen up and keep up climbing the stepped village and seek out more history of this thousand of years old village. If you could reach the top of the hill, you will find an amazing photo opportunity of the village which will be unique in your own way. You won’t ever get enough of this village and its kind people. So make sure you pay a visit to this lovely person in Kang Village.
From Mashhad, take the imam Khomeini ring road of Torqabeh and then go along. As you enter the Noghondar road, the road ends up by the village of Kang and you will reach your destination.
Opening hours: 24/7

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