Hormozgan, the province of islands

Hormozgan: A province embracing the amazing islands of the Persian Gulf

Hormozgan province located in the south of Iran embraces many great cities and islands of the Persian Gulf that would make great dreams for tourists. Bandar Abbas as its provincial capital is a port city with lots of attractions such as Fishmarket, Hindu temple, and Genoo Mountains.

Hormozgan province embraces scenic islands among which Kish, Hormoz, Hengam, and Qeshm are the most beautiful ones.

Kish is one of the small islands in the Persian Gulf; however, it is of the picturesque coral islands of the world. Its gorgeous beaches are good places to swim in the blue-gem waters of the gulf. It has many historical sites as well.

Hormoz Island is a piece of paradise in the Persian Gulf; it attracts many tourists by its colorful mountains, silver sand shores, and great local people.

Hengam Island has scenery rocky shores, serene sunset, kind natives, delicious samoosa, and colorful fish; one can enjoy a relaxing trip by spending time on this tranquil island.

Qeshm is the largest island located in the Strait of Hormoz and it has many wonderful cultural and natural attractions such as Chahkooh canyon, and Star Valley. There are lots of things to maze tourists and make a perfect trip for them.

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