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  • Qeshm Island

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Qeshm Island

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  • Chahkuh; Magnificent part of Qeshm Geopark
  • Scuba diving & Snorkeling
  • Mangrove forests
  • Biking in Hormoz Island; The paradise of Geology
  • Hengam Island and Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Caving in Salt Cave
  • Folk music & traditional culinary of Qeshm

Qeshm Island is the largest island in the Middle East and it’s located in the strategic Strait of Hormuz with glorious history added to a variety of valuable natural resources. The union culture and nature along with kind and hospitable local people has presented Qeshm as one of the great tourism targets in Iran. In few days you will experience great moments in several unique geological sites and will enjoy the Marine life. Besides, the kindness of warm-hearted locals will make the trip more delightful.

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Tour Itinerary

7 Days & 6Nights


Airport picks up and transfers to the hotel. Time at leisure

Accommodation: Hotel in Tehran
Distance: 50 km
Time: 01:00 hrs (from airport to hotel)

Day 02 Tehran

Have breakfast and start the Tehran city tour:

* Golestan Palace
* Ancient bazaar of Tehran
* National Museum of Iran
* Grand Bazaar

Then have lunch and Transfer to the domestic airport to flight to Qeshm island

Accommodation: Hotel in Qeshm

Distance: 1,400 km
Time: city tour: 05:00 hrs, flight to Qeshm island: 02:00 hrs

Day 03 Qeshm Island

Start our great adventure in Qeshm island by visiting Laft port and Traditional fishing, next we boat in Hara mangrove jungle and enjoy watching an amazing sunset: Qeshm Island has resorted to many ways to find the water it needs. One of those ways is to drill wells in the rocks, which sometimes end in gypsum layers and are capable of holding water healthy and cool for a long time.

Accommodation: Hotel in Qeshm

Distance: N/A
Time: island tour: 07:00 hrs

Day 04 Qeshm Island

We start the day by visiting Berkeh-ye Khalaf village, next continue to Stars’ valley; is one of the most spectacular natural sites on Qeshm Island; the Valley of Stars features a series of majestic gorges and canyons that were formed over centuries by erosion. Wandering amid the valley is a magical experience – it is like stepping into a Dalí painting.

Then, boating toward the island while watching the Gulf dolphins, large crayfishes, and large turtles and visiting beautiful Chahku valley is located at a 15km distance of Tabl village in Southeast of Eastern Chahoo village.
On the site, there are two canyons plumbed on each other vertically. It is a narrow canyon with vertical rims and wonderful formations, which seems to be representing a creative artist’s demonstration.

In the evening we boat to Hengam island and eat great local food at the local house there

Finally, we return to Qeshm Island

Accommodation: Hotel in Qeshm

Distance: N/A
Time: visiting Qeshm and Hengam islands: 09:00 hrs

Day 05 Hormuz Island

It’s time to boat to Hormuz island Transfer by Sea voyage to Hormuz.
Hormuz tour included;

* Portuguese castle
* Museum and the house of Dr. Nadalian,
* Red soil mine
* Walking in the colorful mountains of the island and visit the
rainbow valley
* Sand carpet: Iranian artists have designed the sixth world soil
carpet with different colorful soil in Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf.
The unique art of soil, which is the island’s sixth soil carpet, was unveiled on February 20, 2015. The soil carpet, measuring 2000 square meters, was created by provincial artists using different colors of natural soil of the Island. Around 20 artists participated in creating this land art.

Accommodation: hotel on Hormuz island

Distance: 40 km (in the sea)
Time: boating to Hormuz: 02:00 hrs, Hormuz island tour: 06:00 hrs

Day 06 Hormuz Island

After breakfast, we continue the Hormuz island tour by visiting; Cave of silence and the wonderful valley of sculptures, salt caves and explore the island and enjoy of the atmosphere.

Finally, we return to Qeshm and flight back to Tehran with lots of wonderful memories.

Accommodation: Hotel in Tehran

Distance: 1,440 km (boating from Hormuz to Qeshm: 40 km and fly to Tehran: 1400 km)
Time: visiting the Hormuz island: 04:00 hrs, return to Qeshm: 02:00 hrs, fly back to Tehran: 02:00 hrs

Day 07 City Tour + Departure

Going to bazaar until noon after lunch Flight back to Tehran, going to the hotel and ready for departure.

Accommodation: N/A

Distance: from Tehran to airport: 50 km
Time: Tehran city tour: 04:00 hrs, continue to airport: 01:00 hrs

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