Bandar Abbas, the city of seafood

Bandar Abbas, the city of seafood

Bandar Abbas is a port city and it is the capital of Hormozgan province. Many tourists visit Bandar Abbas as well as the islands close to it especially Qeshm and Hormoz. Bandari women’s dress, Fish market, Bazaar, Hindu temple, and Genoo Mountains are the attractions of this old city. Women wear veils, burqas, and chadors in various vivid colors; they have their own distinct way of clothing different from that of other cities such as Tehran or Shiraz.

Since Bandar Abbas has a strong fishing industry, its fish market close to the seafront is one of the places tourists would love to visit.  It is spectacular for taking photos, especially in the early morning when there is a variety of seafood.

You can also enjoy the most colorful part of the city in the Bazaar, where you can find lots of delicious local foods and many colorful clothes.

If you have enough time, take a glance at a Hindu temple that is a stone building with a conical dome. In fact, it was constructed in the late 19th century for the Indian community working for the British East India Company.


Hindu Temple, Bandar Abbas

Furthermore, the Genoo Mountains that lie in the northwest of Bandar Abbas has relatively moderate weather different from the hot weather of this city, and then it could be considered as one of the environmental and recreational areas that attract tourists to spend a good time there.

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