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Shiraz tourist attractions video

You may have heard Shiraz’s name in case of talking about drinks. However, this wonderful city is a lot more than that. Shiraz is a city that is easy to travel to and very difficult to return from, visitors miss it even before the end of the trip. Shiraz is known as the city of love and poetry in which some great poets such as Hafez, Saadi, Biddle, and many others were born and grew.

Some Iranians believe that the mild and unique climate of Shiraz makes people fall in love. Everything is more pleasing and vivid in Shiraz, even mosques that are places of worship and are usually decorated with a few meaningful colors such as turquoise and azure in other Iranian cities, are decorated with the most vivid colors in Shiraz.

The first few seconds of the video demonstrating the lovemaking of light and colorful glass is filmed in Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, which is made with a lot of genius and artistic taste. This pink mosque is where Instagrammers and photographers rave about. it seems that it’s not only us, the man of the contemporary generation who has discovered all the beauty and delight of living in Shiraz. But also Zandian, Safavian, and even Syrus the great! Yes, you’re right, this city has been a civilized one for thousands of years! The magnificent parts of the unique and rocky city of Persepolis including Stone solid pillars and the delicate stone-carved sphinx (protectors of the palace); well remained throughout the three millennia, surviving despite floods and earthquakes, brings up the question of whether this precise and engineered work could have been the work of terrestrial humans of thousands of years ago, or whether there was another secret behind it.

All short and simple this one-minute video gives a perspective of historic Shiraz city: from the astonishing pink mosque with all those colorful glassworks to the well-constructed Persian gardens. I’m afraid you’ll miss the scent of heaps of orangery blossom in Shiraz’s garden which is preventable by making the reservation for tours on the Irandoostan website.

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