Shazdeh Garden a green oasis lying in the heart of the desert

Shazdeh Garden, Iran (Photos, Water source, Info)

Shazdeh Garden, this green oasis, lies deep in the heart of the desert. Located near Mahan in the province of Kerman, Bagh-e-Shazdeh or Shazdeh Garden (Prince Garden) is one of the historical Persian gardens with a rectangular plan constructed during the Qajar dynasty in the late 1900s. Similar to other great Persian gardens such as Eram Garden in Shiraz, Dowlatabad Garden in Yazd, and Fin Garden in Kashan it is also inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List. If you’re interested in Persian Gardens, make sure you pay them a visit during your travel to Iran.

Green Garden in Dry Desert

What is very remarkable about Shazdeh Garden is that it is located in the heart of the desert, where nothing exists but dry plains. However, the entrance of the garden welcomes tourists to the earthly paradise. Putting a step inside this mesmerizing landscape, one can see the pools streaming along the yard, the trees offering shade to the pathway, and the flowers spreading perfume everywhere. The façade of an old pavilion appears from behind the fountains, leading visitors toward a magnificent structure.

Persian Garden

A great sample of Persian gardens, located in the heart of the desert

Shazdeh Garden Features

The perfect plan of this garden, the architecture of the pavilion, and its interior design and decorations all reflect the Iranians ‘elaborate art, culture, and lifestyle. There are two stories in the structure of Shazdeh Garden. A thatched brick wall surrounds the mezzanine’s eight watchtowers. On the southwest side of the garden, a pavilion stands at the end and the highest point. Many structures line the path between the pavilion and the entrance to the garden. There are five fountains in the pool in front of the pavilion, where the water can rise to eight meters.

Shazdeh Garden Greenery

In order to supply water, the Qanat technique is applied. Since there is a natural slope in the garden, gravity helped the Iranian engineers water the plants. Therefore, water enters the yard on the upper side, and the stream runs through the terrace-shaped pools of the garden to irrigate trees and flowers. That is why Shazdeh Garden enjoys a variety of trees with different functions; the windbreak trees like pine and cypress, shade trees like poplar or wild elm, and fruit trees like peach or plum. Separated from its surrounding desert by high walls, the garden offers visitors an oasis of comfort. As a great sample of Persian gardens, Shazdeh Garden hosts many tourists who travel to Iran, especially in spring and summer. Therefore, tourists will have the chance to explore the specific features of Shazdeh Garden and enjoy its peaceful atmosphere.

Shazdeh Garden

A view of Shazdeh Garden in Kerman province, Iran

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