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Dowlatabad Garden, the Architectural Jewel of Yazd

Dowlatabad garden is the architectural jewel of Yazd

Dowlatabad Garden ; the Architectural Jewel of Yazd

Dowlatabad Garden; the architectural jewel of Yazd is inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the picturesque Persian gardens. It is constructed over 200 years ago for different functions, and now it hosts many tourists who travel to Iran.

Dowlatabad Garden (Dolat Abad Garden) is located in Yazd; a beautiful adobe city with many flourished arts and techniques. Many of the arts and techniques such as wood-work, Qanat, and wind catcher are manifested in this Garden. In the past, Qanat as an ancient system of providing water was applied to irrigate the great garden of Dowlatabad.

Like many other Persian gardens such as Eram Garden or Shazdeh Garden, Dowlatabad has also a long pool.  The pool is running through tall pine trees to reach the architecturally perfect mansion. The mansion is built based on an octagonal plan embracing an outstanding wind catcher (Badgir). The wind catcher is a Persian architectural element used to make natural ventilation in buildings located in arid areas. With a height of about 33 meters, the wind catcher of Dowlatabad is the tallest old wind catcher  in the world.

Wind catchers pleasantly lead the cool weather inside the building during hot summer

Wind catcher of Dowlatabad Garden is the tallest old wind catcher of the world

The interior design of the mansion has also its specific characteristics. The engraved wooden doors of the mansion and the colorful lattice windows of the rooms that pleasantly lead the light inside are eye-catching for many tourists.

 Lattice windows pleasantly lead the light inside

Dowlatabad Garden is surrounded by many fruit trees such as pomegranates and grapes that give more beauty to the garden. Moreover, small lanterns are around the pathways of the garden to create memorable nights for visitors of the garden.

According to the above descriptions, Dowlatabad is one of the sites in Yazd that is worth a visit to take perfect pictures, to enjoy its spectacular atmosphere, and to contemplate the awesome Persian architecture and notions.

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