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Registan Square Samarkand, Uzbekistan: Photos, History

Samarkand Registan Square is among the most magnificent tourist attractions of Uzbekistan, which has Iranian roots, and due to the high age of this area, it has been officially registered in the UNESCO world list. Uzbekistan was one of the countries that were a subsidiary of Iran in the past, and the atmosphere in this […]

Things to Do in Qatar: Photos, Address, Opening Hours

Known for its arts and museums, Qatar is one of the most traveled destinations in Asia. Travel to Qatar, a magical land of sands and dunes blended with cosmopolitan vibes, a fascinating place to explore. With numerous popular attractions in Qatar and plenty of things to do in Doha, tourists won’t even think about getting […]

Qatar History: All You Need to Know About

Qatar, the modern peninsular state of the Middle East, is a famous destination among business and leisure travelers today. The history of Qatar illustrates that this place is amazing for experiencing the authentic vibes of the Arab world. The bride of Asia is a modern and well-developed country. However, pieces of evidence about Qatar’s history […]

Tashkent Metro: Map, Stations, Ticket Price

Metro systems have always been the easiest way to commute and get around, especially in big cities. Tashkent is the modern capital of Uzbekistan. Once upon a time, Tashkent was one of the important metropolises of Central Asia during the Soviet Union. But After its independence in 1991, Tashkent experienced great cultural changes. Tashkent Metro […]

Things to Do in Samarkand: Photos, Info

“If that Shirazi Turk accepts my heart in their hand, for their Indian mole, I will give Samarkand and Bukhara.” Hafez, one of the most significant Persian poets says about Samarkand city. That prodigality in his poem causes a lot of trouble for him, but from that, you should know Samarkand is an incredible city […]

Things to Do in Tashkent, Uzbekistan: Photos, Info

Tashkent is the largest city and capital of Uzbekistan. Stone City has a lot to offer. From historical places with wonderful architecture that have an Islamic theme to unusual places that must be seen. Here are some of the best places to visit in Tashkent Uzbekistan. Chorso Bazaar Chorsu Bazaar is one of the oldest […]

Is Uzbekistan safe? (Safety for solo travelers, Dress Code)

Traveling is an extraordinary experience in any human’s life. A good trip can deliver joyfulness to mind & body. Uzbekistan has been investing in tourism in recent years, and it has become a perfect destination for travelers from the nearest to the farthest countries. In visiting Uzbekistan, safety consideration is an important part of the […]