Iran National Bird: Name, Photos, Where to Find

Iran is a diverse country that features a rich history and a beautiful culture. Iran is known for many things, beautiful nature, rare animals, delicious cuisine, and rich culture. Iran is one of the most diverse countries with a list of national symbols rather than a single national animal. For example, the Asiatic cheetah, Persian leopard, Persian cat, and Persian fallow deer are some of the symbols of Iran, and each one of them has a meaningful background for Iranian people. In this article, we will learn what the Iran national bird.

What is the National Bird of Iran?

Common nightingale, rufous nightingale, or in simpler terms, nightingale is the national bird of Iran. It is a small bird found mostly in Asia and Europe, and it is one of the most common birds of Iran with a long inhabitance inside the country. Common nightingales are famous for their heavenly voice. They are considered one of the most beautiful singing birds. Common nightingale had a profound effect on the literature and art of Iran, and it has a meaningful history and background for the Iranian people. Common nightingales are also a kind of migratory bird that spend their winter in Africa and return to their breeding grounds in Iran and other parts of Eurasia in the spring.

Iran National Bird

Iran National Bird – Famous common nightingales of Iran

Common Nightingales

The common nightingale is a small bird about 15 cm in length. It has a reddish-brown back, buff breasts, a characteristic white throat, and a black bill. The male nightingale is known for its beautiful song, which it uses to attract mates and defend its territory. The song of the nightingale is considered one of the finest in the bird world and has been celebrated in literature, music, and art for centuries. Moreover, one of the reasons that common nightingales are Iran’s national bird is their beautiful voice, which most Iranian artists and writers have demonstrated in their works.

Where Nightingales Can Be Found?

Nightingales are migratory birds that spend their winter in warmer continents such as Africa and return to Iran for their breeding season in spring and summer. This is another reason that nightingales are considered Iran’s national bird, as they have always found their way to their home, Iran, and other parts of Eurasia. Inside Iran, nightingales live in diverse regions, nearly in every part of the country. However, Shiraz is one of the main locations where nightingales live. They are also called Bolbol-e Shiraz in the Persian language since they mainly live in Shiraz.

national bird of iran

Iran National Bird – You can see lots of nightingales in Shiraz.


In Iran, the nightingale is a popular symbol of spring and renewal, and it can often be heard singing in gardens and parks across the country. It is also celebrated in poetry and literature and is often used as a symbol of love and longing. The nightingale’s status as Iran’s national bird reflects its importance in Iranian culture and its deep connection with the country’s natural heritage. This status is also evident in the works of great Iranian poets, writers, and artists, including Hafez Shirazi, Saadi, Ferdowsi, and many other great Iranian poets and writers.

Nightingale Fun Facts

The common nightingale is a famous songbird in Iran and other Euro-Asian countries. The nightingale’s voice sounds incredibly beautiful. This national bird of Iran sings during the spring and summer months. The nightingales usually prefer open woodlands with plenty of undergrowth, such as bushes near streams or ponds; that way, they can hide easily from predators. The nightingales typically hunt small animals, insects, and worms.

birds of iran

Iran National Bird, the nightingale

The common nightingale is one of only four species of nightingales that currently can be found in Britain. The scientific name of the nightingale, “Luscinia megarhynchos,” comes from the Ancient Greek word “Lusco” (meaning dark colored). The common nightingales have eight different subspecies, and common nightingales are a species of bird that live in the Northern Hemisphere. They usually eat insects, spiders, and worms and weigh between 16 and 20 grams. The common nightingales can reach speed levels up to 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour). The average lifespan of common nightingales is between 5 and 8 years old. The nightingale is the symbol of love and peace and is also considered to be a messenger of peace in Iran.


Iran is a four-season country and is a great destination for those who want to explore its culture, history, and nature. The national bird of Iran, the nightingale, is beloved. The common nightingale, rufous nightingale, or simply nightingale are also known as the best singers of nature, and they have inhabited Iran for a long time. Today, we should be more aware of our national symbols and take good care of the gifts of god, nature, and the species who live with us and among us, and pass these gifts to the next generations.

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