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Top Uzbekistan Food You Need to Try + Photos

Since the distant past, Uzbekistan has benefited from the exchange of food culture and culinary ideas with neighboring countries. This cultural exchange, as seen in the art of mosaic design, handicrafts, works of art, and especially food, has led to the prosperity of the country. In this article, we introduce some of Uzbekistan’s top foods.

Native Nowruz Dishes of the People of Uzbekistan, a Symbol of Friendship

One of the most original and attractive aspects of Nowruz among Uzbeks is to serve guests traditional and native foods and sweets. The authentic dishes of Uzbeks, which are served in ceremonies, represent Uzbekistan culture and civilization and have a lot of value. This ancient tradition is very attractive and interesting for tourists who want to taste authentic Uzbek food during the Nowruz holidays.

What Kind of Food Does Uzbekistan Eat?

Uzbek food is usually aromatic, oily, and accompanied by spicy and delicious spices. Uzbekistan’s climate and seasons play an important role in Uzbek cuisine. In the winter, vegetables, pickles, dried fruits, and fatty meat are used to prepare food. However, in summer, fresh fruits and vegetables are used. Also, most Uzbek dishes have potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, garlic, and tomatoes.

What is the Most Popular Food in Uzbekistan?

It can be said that Uzbekistan’s best food is Plov. The main national dish of Uzbekistan is Plov. The history of this dish goes back to the time of Amir Timur, the famous conqueror of Uzbekistan, who founded the Timurid Empire in the 1300s. According to this legend, Timur was looking for a way to feed his troops during his conquests, and using rice was considered a good option because it is rich in calories and easy to transport.


Uzbekistan Food – Most popular Uzbek food

After these wars, the soldiers who had returned to their homes used the easy and delicious recipe of this dish. Many Uzbeks still use Timur’s army food today: meat, rice, and carrots. Another rich food of this country is high-calorie and heavy oil.

What is Uzbekistan’s Famous Food?

Manty is one of Uzbekistan’s popular foods. Manty is a kind of stuffed food with special doughs, which are filled with minced meat, special spices, and vegetables and then steamed. After it is fully cooked and before serving, tomato sauce, vinegar, or sour cream is also added depending on the taste of each person.

Another interesting thing about this dish is that the ingredients inside this dish are different each time, in other words, every time you eat this dish, you don’t know in advance whether your Manty is supposed to contain meat or Tarkari or other food. Also, people who don’t like minced meat can eat this food with cooked vegetables or potatoes.

Chuchvara Soup

It is one of the soups of Uzbekistan, which is flavored with pepper, onion, tomato paste, black pepper, and cream. This dish is usually found in many restaurants in Uzbekistan and on their menu, and you can easily order it.

Uzbek wedding pilaf

This food is so important and special that it is cooked on special holidays and especially wedding ceremonies, and for this reason, many people of Uzbekistan and also tourists know it as a wedding plate. A combination of rice and meat combined with carrots, onions, and raisins are the main ingredients of this delicious, tasty, and traditional dish.


This tasty and hearty soup is an example of authentic Central Asian cuisine, which is a delicious Uzbek soup that is prepared with handmade noodles and cooked with meat sauce or vegetable sauce. Bell peppers, garlic, onions, and special spices are added to this dish, and beef is one of the most important ingredients of this delicious soup.

lagman uzbek food

Uzbekistan Food – Uzbek noodle soup

Uzbek Naryn

It is one of the popular and famous dishes of Uzbekistan, which has been cooked since the presence of a popular businessman in Uzbekistan. This dish is prepared with ingredients such as noodles, minced meat, onion, and chopped pepper. Many people of Uzbekistan and even tourists are fans of this dish.

Achichuk salad

A simple and delicious salad that is more suitable for vegetarians. The ingredients of this salad are tomato slices; it is onions and pickles that are flavored with special spices and sauces in this country and served to customers.

Black Eggplant salad

It is popular among Uzbeks to eat a salad before eating, and that salad is usually black eggplant salad. Of course, this custom has become one of their traditions. In this salad, you have a combination of half-cooked black eggplant, radish, pepper, and tarkari. According to another Uzbek food tradition, this salad is prepared in a big and common dish for all people.


This delicious food is very popular among tourists. Chicken, meat, potatoes, onions, vegetables, and special spices are the main basis for cooking this food. This dish is usually cooked as a meal and served with salad and special Uzbek bread.


Uzbekistan Food – A must-try in Uzbekistan

Uzbek Camca

It is a type of local fast food that can be found in many shops in this country. Samsa is a triangular dough that is filled with meat or vegetables, depending on the customer’s taste, and then baked in the oven. This food is never fried.

Uzbekistan Wedding Plov

An excellent combination of rice, meat, grated yolk, onion, and raisins can be tasted in this so-called Uzbek assembly dish. This dish is so tasty and popular that it is cooked at important events such as weddings.

Tashkent salad

This tasty salad, which is a complete meal, is cooked from calf’s tongue, tarkari, and is prepared in a sauce made of yogurt and fried onions.


The famous shashlik is a popular food in all Asian countries. But every country has its own instructions for cooking this dish. In the version of the Uzbek shashlik plate, we have a combination of veal, spices, raw onions, and hot red peppers.

Samsa Uzbekistan

Samsa is a kind of triangular cake that is baked in the oven. Samsa is traditionally filled with pumpkin, but you can also fill it with other ingredients. Don’t confuse Samsa and Patigosht. Although they have similarities, they are completely different foods. The relative similarity of their ingredients is less than that of pilaf and rice porridge.


Uzbekistan Food – A very famous dish in Uzbekistan

Uzbek Fruit Plate

The famous Uzbek fruit plate is very popular among tourists and customers of Uzbek restaurants, and they usually order this plate with their meals.

Uzbek Halva

Halva is one of the national sweets and desserts of Uzbekistan. Uzbek Halva is made from flour, mesca, and peach juice. Uzbek halva has a very pleasant smell.


Kutabi is a simple but delicious dish that is served with slow-heat fried meat, vegetables, and traditional Uzbek bread. Uzbeks have a special interest in this food.

Final Word

With more than two thousand years of history and culture, Uzbekistan has a long history in the art of cooking and food. The cuisine of Uzbekistan is one of the most authentic Asian cuisines, which tells you about the rich history of this nation and perhaps other Asian nations through the language of food. Be sure to test the taste of Uzbekistan’s food when you travel to this country and try an authentic Asian dish.

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