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Iran’s Top Summer Destinations

Iran, a country with a rich history and diverse culture, boasts some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Iran is a land of mountains, deserts, rivers, and the warm Gulf waters of the Persian Gulf. For centuries, Iran has been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, and each year more and more people are discovering what this beautiful country has to offer. With its hot summer climate, Iran is a popular destination for those looking to escape the heat and enjoy some of the country’s stunning natural beauty. In this article, we will explore some of the best summer destinations in Iran and Iran’s top activities in summer.


Ardabil is a city in the northwestern region of Iran, nestled in the foothills of the Alborz mountain range. This ancient city is rich in history and culture and is known for its stunning natural beauty, particularly its hot springs and the lush greenery of the surrounding forests. Ardabil is also home to a number of historic sites and landmarks (things to do in Ardabil)

Heyran Pass (Gardaneh-ye Heyran)

Somewhere in the middle of the road from Astara to Ardabil, you will reach the misty and refreshing Heyran Pass. This area reaches a dense green forest on one side and a deep valley on the other side. Heyran Pass is 5 km from Astara city, and its unique nature is visible at the beginning of the Ardabil tunnel. On the side of this road, the Aras River passes, and you can see the beautiful scenery of Iran’s nature and the scenery of Azerbaijan’s nature from afar.

To enjoy the unique and cool weather of Heyran Pass, choose spring and summer for your trip. At this time of the year, the weather is foggy and cool, and there is no sign of scorching heat.
Heyran village is close to Heyran Pass, which ends in Astara on one side and Ardabil on the other. The unique and untouched nature of this misty village is certainly worth visiting. By staying in this village, you will be filled with a sense of life and freshness, and you will smell the clean air.


Sabalan, the ever-white mountain of Iran, is one of the mountainous regions of Iran with beautiful nature. This mountain is located 35 km from Ardabil city. Sabalan, with a height of 4,811 meters, is the third-highest peak in Iran after Mount Damavand and Alam Kuh. The natural spas on the slopes of the mountain, the beautiful and unique nature, and the presence of glaciers and permanent snow, which led to the establishment of Alvares ski resort, are among the most important attractions of this area.

iran summer destinations

Sabalan Peak in Iran

Also, Sabalan Peak is registered in the list of national natural monuments of the country.
Another attractive feature of Sabalan is an oval-shaped lake on top of its peak, which attracts many tourists to this area. Sabalan mountain lake is about 40 meters deep. Except for summer, the water of the lake is frozen in other months; In the summer months, this lake has clear water.

Babak Fort

This castle is one of the most famous historical castles in Iran, which has a stunning view of the mountains and surrounding areas. This beautiful castle is located on top of the mountain at an altitude of 2,300 to 2,700 meters above sea level, and valleys with a depth of 400 to 600 meters surround it. The best season to visit this castle is summer, during which you can have the opportunity to visit the Shahsevan Tribes.


Tabriz is a city located in the northwest of Iran and the capital of East Azerbaijan Province. It is located in a valley among the mountains of Sahand, Eynali, and Quri Chay and is known for its rich culture, natural beauty, and historical monuments. Tabriz has been an important center of trade and commerce since ancient times and has been the capital city of several empires, including the Achaemenid, Ilkhanid, and Safavid empires. (Things to do in Tabriz)

Tabriz attractions

Qajar Museum in Tabriz

Asalem to Khalkhal

The Asalem to Khalkhal road is a 70-kilometer route that starts from the city of Asalem in Gilan and ends in Khalkhal city in the south of Ardabil, between East Azarbaijan province and Zanjan province. Khalkhal has a wonderful nature due to its proximity to Gilan. This region also has cool weather in the summer, which is one of the reasons tourists like to visit Khalkhal during this time.

The beginning of the road is covered with forest trees with a very winding and beautiful path. By driving away from the city of Asalem and about an hour’s drive, the surrounding landscape changes to green plains and gives travelers a wide range of views. The nature of this road is very pristine and beautiful, and due to the presence of the Caspian Sea near this road, we always see humidity and fog on the road, and this also gives it a very beautiful appearance.


Hamedan is a historic city located in western Iran. Located in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains, it is one of the oldest cities in Iran and has a history that dates back to the Achaemenid Empire. The city is well known for its many historical attractions, such as the Anahita Temple, the Achaemenid tombs, and the ancient citadel of Ecbatana.

Hamadan Iran

Natural Attractions in Hamedan

The city is also home to some of Iran’s most stunning natural attractions, such as the Alvand Mountain, the Alvand River, and the Alvand Valley (things to do in Hamedan).


One of the most surprising villages in Iran is Kandovan, a rocky and mysterious village located at the foot of the slopes of the Sahand volcanic mountain and next to the Kandovan river. In this rock village, people still live in stone houses, which is rare in the world. There are also beautiful green pastures around this village that attract many nomads. The entire east of the valley is also covered with mountain willow, walnut, elm, and almond trees.


Siahkal is one of the cities with good weather in Gilan province, which consists of three areas; The alluvial area, which was created from the remains of river mud and sea sediments in ancient times, and the foothill area with many beech forests, and the other mountain area where there is usually snow for half of the year. Siahkal means a settlement on the side of a mountain with a steep slope. This city has many natural and historical sights that attract many tourists. Considering that Siahkal has a mild and cool climate, the best time to visit this area is spring and summer.


Gilan is a province of Iran located along the Caspian Sea. It is known for its lush vegetation, stunning landscapes, and diverse wildlife. The province has some of the most breathtaking vistas in all of Iran, making it a popular destination for tourists.

gilan city iran

Green forest in Rasht, Gilan

Gilan is an ideal destination for nature lovers, as it offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and bird-watching. It is also a great spot for history buffs, with its many cultural sites and attractions. With its stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife, Gilan is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the beauty of Iran.


Alvand mountain is in the heart of Hamedan mountain, which has a peak with a height of 3500 meters. This beautiful mountain is covered with snow most of the day, and spring and summer are the best time to visit it. The main vegetation of this Goon mountain range is very beautiful, with seasonal flowers.

At the beginning of spring, wherever the snow melts, first the white and beautiful ice flowers grow, and then the tulip flowers emerge from the soil. Around the springs and meadows, you can see yellow and purple flowers, tulips, lily of the valley, oregano, azalea, tutia, nettle, rhubarb, shallot, artichoke, and licorice. Partridge, otter, mountain pigeon, plain eagle, wolf, rabbit, fox, and jackal are among the animals of this region. Ram, sheep, and mountain goats are very rare animals. Black eagles and dal are also rare birds in this region.


Masouleh Gilan is one of the famous places of Fuman city and a traditional and old city, which looks more like a painting despite the yellow houses in the green background of the jungle and charming mountains in a foggy world. Having narrow garden alleys and steps has made Masuleh one of the few cities without motorized vehicles in the world.
In the summer, Masuleh shows off her beauty in a green dress. Masuleh is cool even on hot and humid summer days, and seeing summer flowers and fruits in the green summer nature is really gratifying. Masuleh is undoubtedly one of the best areas in Iran for relaxing and taking refuge in nature.

masouleh unesco

Masule Stepped Village in Iran


This city is a very pleasant and popular region for summer trips and is considered one of the famous places in Gilan. The pristine nature of this area attracts many nature lovers every year. From summer resorts and charming villages to caves and waterfalls in this region, each has its own beauty. Neighboring the sea and mountains makes Amlash a temperate city with extremely clean air. Of course, the presence of a mountain near it also makes us witness a combination of moderate and semi-mountainous weather. Among the attractions of Amlash, we can mention its waterfall, lagoon, villages, cave, forest, and springs, all of which make it a unique destination for traveling to Iran in the summer.


Masal is a small city in the northwest of Rasht, the capital of Gilan province. The bungalows of this area, with a unique and clean climate, foggy and pristine atmosphere, wonderful peace, endless green pastures, and high waterfalls, give you the chance to walk on the clouds!

masal gilan

Step into the clouds in Masal City.

Masal is a land of towering waterfalls, forests, and flowing rivers, and some people recognize its bungalows as colorful huts perched on hillsides. Khalkai and Morghak rivers are the most important rivers of Masal. A beach park is also located next to the Khalkai River, which is a popular place to spend time. The people of Masal City are very kind and hospitable. Agricultural and animal husbandry are the main occupations of the people of Masal, and their language is Talshi.


Deylaman, the most beautiful summer residence in the east of Gilan, is one of the most pristine and unattainable corners of the green region of northern Iran. Its climate is cold and mountainous, and it is famous for its many springs, green landscapes, and snowy peaks. Deylaman consists of two parts, Pir Kuh and Deylaman, which lead from the north to the Alborz mountain range and from the east to Dorfak peak. Deylaman is one of the oldest human settlements in Iran, so the traces of cave life and copper, bronze, and clay tools and utensils show that there has been life in this area since 2000 BC.

Deylaman summerhouses have long been a place to keep livestock, and the main occupation of its warm-hearted people is animal husbandry. As a result of the cool weather in this area, you may need to wear warm clothing and even use a heater on some summer nights.

Final Word

Iran is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, and its hot summer climate makes it the perfect destination for those looking to escape the heat. Whether interested in nature, history, or culture, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Iran’s summer destinations. From bustling cities to stunning nature, Iran offers visitors a chance to explore some of the most breathtaking destinations in the world. If you’re planning to visit, be sure to consider traveling to Iran in July to experience the country’s vibrant culture and great weather.

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