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Bandar Abbas, the city of seafood

Bandar Abbas is a port city and it is the capital of Hormozgan province. Many tourists visit Bandar Abbas as well as the islands close to it especially Qeshm and Hormoz. Bandari women’s dress, Fish market, Bazaar, Hindu temple, and Genoo Mountains are the attractions of this old city. Women wear veils, burqas, and chadors […]

Hormozgan: A province embracing the amazing islands of the Persian Gulf

Hormozgan province located in the south of Iran embraces many great cities and islands of the Persian Gulf that would make great dreams for tourists. Bandar Abbas as its provincial capital is a port city with lots of attractions such as Fishmarket, Hindu temple, and Genoo Mountains. Hormozgan province embraces scenic islands among which  Kish, Hormoz, […]