The Nuclear Deal Waiting-Game Is Coming to an End

From the day one that negotiations started, so many ideas, talks, agreements, and disagreements were heard from politicians and diplomats from around the globe. Some were hoping to get into a peaceful conclusion, while some other officials were not a deal supporter and wanted military actions. With all distractions from national and international views and judgments, the negotiators tried to stay focused on the completion of the talks. Despite all the non-supporters of the nuclear deal, either inside the country or from across the boarders, Iran tried to gain the world’s trust toward its peaceful nuclear program by agreeing on a negotiated settlement. Now the talks have reached its final phase which is the US senate’s decision on the relief of sanctions in exchange of Tehran’s limiting its nuclear program.

On Wednesday September 2nd, news revealed that 34 US senators voted to back Iran’s nuclear deal which reaches the limit of sustaining a veto on disapproving the deal and its failing in the US Congress.

The start and progress of negotiations between Iran and United States was good news for the peace lovers in both countries and the rest of the world. Peace makers around the globe have been trying to promote nonviolent thinking and living among every nation for so many years. Maybe this historical achievement is a product of the activities of such devoted people!

Iran Doostan Tours Co. (IDT) is proud to claim that one of its concerns, from the day-one it started working, is creating a peaceful image of Iran in the international point of view and having a friendly relationship with every nation on the globe as well as United States of Ameirca. IDT started with this ideology and worked hard to bring it to the reality. The first step we took was hosting an American expert group on a specialized Persian carpet tour back in 1990 which opened the door to expansion of relationships with some US based institution and organization such as Friendship Force organization, Dayton International Peace Museum, and Virginia Anti-War Network to establish and handle their tours.

Friendship Force is a volunteer based organization that takes the tourism to a different level. Their goal is to create a world of peace by bringing the individuals together from around the world and overcoming cultural and national diversities.

Dayton Peace museum is a non-profit organization and one of the few community-based institutions in the United States that works toward representing peace as an alternative to violent disputes.

Virginia Anti-War Network is an organization that works toward gaining knowledge of ordinary people of a country and their struggles to be able to represent them to the world without political oppressions. They demand equity for all nations.

Nowadays peacemaking activities have become one of the main concerns of those who care about the world they live in and its inhabitants. Iran Doostan eagerly cares about this subject as well and claims itself as Iran’s ambassador for peace to the world. So we do our best to use every single opportunity to show our goodwill in having a good relationship with all countries to the world. Now with the new peaceful political relations between Iran and United States, we get a better opportunity to show the rich ancient history, culture, and art of Iran to American travelers.