How to escape the summer heat in Iranian style

On these hot summer days, there is nothing better than cooling off with some kind of traditional Iranian drink named Sharbat (Syrup) as a cool beverage especially made for the Hot Summer Days!

The summer heat and humidity in some cities by the Seas and the Shores (North and South of Iran) give me a good reason to write about some traditional Iranian cooling drinks with the name (Sharbat).

Some popular traditional cold Persian drinks that can be used during the summer heat

Sharbat Sekanjabin Khiyar, this kind of Syrup is made from the grated fresh peeled cucumber with the Sekanjabin Syrup, Sharbat e Ablimoo (Lemon Syrup) is made from fresh Lemon or Lime juice sweetened with sugar and cold water with ice cubes, Ab e Hendevaneh (Watermelon Juice) and at last some kind of Syrups made from Herbal Seeds, sugar and cold water with ice cubes such as:

Sharbat-e Tokhme Sharbati – Chia Seeds Drink the Traditional Iranian-Style Summer Drink

One of the cold Persian drinks is called Sharbat e Tokhm e Sharbati which is made from herbal seeds under name of Chia Seed. This syrup is a very healthy syrup that can be used in the summer heat and is good in reducing blood pressure, and food cravings as well. Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Vitamin A Vitamin B12, and carbohydrates can be found in this herbal seed as well. The hydrated seeds become jelly.

Sharbat e Khakshir  – (Sisymbrium irio, known as London Rocket ) Persian Refreshing Summer Drink

There is another popular traditional drink that can be used in the summertime against heat and dehydration and it also can be used as a thirst quencher during the hot summer days it can be enjoyed all through the year as a deliciously soothing drink with many health benefits. This Syrup can be served to your guests on a hot summer day with an ice cube and lightly sweetened cold water with a touch of rose water.   The tiniest reddish-brown seeds of Khakshir sit at the bottom of the glass which for drinking the syrup, stirring up is recommended. Stir and watch the beautiful dance of Khakshir seeds in the water, take a sip, and repeat. Khakshir is also a natural and herbal liver detox drink; it is also known for skin improvement and can be used for healing wound, fever reducer, and many other benefits. Khakshir drink can also be used for medicinal purposes without adding any sugar or ice cubes all year round. The scientific name of Khakshir is Sisymbrium irio and is known as the London rocket.

Sekanjabin: A Sweet and Sour Ancient Persian Syrup and Drink

Sekanjabin is one of the oldest sweet and sour syrups in Iran, dating back to ancient times. It’s a combination of vinegar (serkeh) and “angebin,” which refers to honey and the natural honey-sweet. Sekanjabin and its drink (sharbat-e Sekanjabin) are usually served during the summer. Mostly used in the southern cities of Iran where the summer is long and hot! Having Sekanjabin syrup with romaine lettuce was an afternoon ritual in our home. Sekanjabin is not just syrup but it also has medicinal values with healing powers and is a good source of vitamins.

Abdoogh Khiar – Persian Cold Yogurt Soup with Cucumbers, Herbs, crushed Walnuts & Raisins

Abdoogh khiar is a chilled yogurt soup with lots of aromatic fresh herbs, diced cucumbers, chopped radishes, crushed walnuts, and sweet golden raisins topped with dried rose petals and served with pieces of dried/toasted flatbread. With the temperature pushing 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the past several days, this traditional summer recipe replenishes you and keeps you cool during this hot summer.

Serve chilled.