Presentation of Iran to Argentinian Tour Operators

Argentina’s top tour operators joined a conference at Buenos Aires’ Sheraton hotel, held by Iran Doostan Tours Company (IDT), to hear about Iran’s tourism attractions on April 8, 2016. The fifty three participants in the conference enjoyed a comprehensive introductory seminar about Iran over the breakfast on Friday.

The main purpose for this seminar was to introduce Iran’s broad geographical region and its natural and cultural attractions to the participants. They learned about the biodiversity in Iran due to the vast area of the country which has lead into having a high capacity to perform adventure tours all over the country.

Mr. Ali Vaghefi, the managing director at IDT, also introduced numerous historical sites of Iran and the 19 UNESCO heritage sites of the country.

Besides introducing the natural and cultural attractions of Iran Mr. Vaghefi explained that travelers will have different options for their accommodation varying from 5-star hotels to rocky hotels caved in the mountains, eco-camps, and traditional Iranian houses. In every city of Iran the travelers can enjoy delicious food unique to the region and purchase beautiful handicrafts made by the locals to take home as a souvenir.

Iran’s embassy in Argentina had a great contribution in planning and performing this conference at Buenos Aires, which was a great opportunity for IDT to recognize the Argentinian tour operators and the tour packages they are the most interested in, and also for Argentinian tour operators to know about Iran’s great opportunity to become one of their favorite destinations.