Iran war

Iran War? Is Iran safe for tourists? (March 2024)

With a handful of tragic incidents happening around and inside Iran, it may be hard to believe for many foreigners that there is no Iran war and Iran is safe for travel.

Here, we decided to update you about Iran’s safety and give you peace of mind before you travel to Iran.

Don’t Believe All Stereotypes about Iran!

Almost all of the news you see on TV concerning Iran is negative. Western media portray Iran as an evil, aggressive, and violent nation, a threat to the region and the world, just like North Korea.

It is worldly known that Iran and Western countries have been on negative terms for more than four decades, so the reason for this action from both sides is somehow obvious.

Most Westerners associate the terrible news we see on TV about wars in Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan with Iran.
We understand that even though you know there is no ongoing war here, it may be hard to forget the image of Iran you get from the media.

You may think Iran is now full of Afghan Taliban, non-stop strikes and tensions, explosions on a daily basis, evil, and hatred toward the local European population. This is all wrong!

Even with the recent strike at the southern border, all the cities of Iran are safe for traveling. You can watch our recent videos of tourists traveling to Iran with different nationalities, from England, Russia, Spain, Brazil, China, Singapore, and so on…

This Is What Happens When You Arrive in Iran!

When you arrive in Iran, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about at the border. The process is straightforward and uncomplicated. If you’re obtaining a Iran Visa on Arrival, you only need to pay for your insurance and visa fees, and within 30 minutes, you’ll receive your 30-day tourist visa. There will be no police interrogations, luggage inspections, or phone checks. It’s a hassle-free procedure, just like any other regular airport. So, you can embark on your journey and relish the rich history and culture of this ancient land without any apprehensions.

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