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Gilan virtual tour (free)

The spread of Covid-19 has prevented us extensively from the great pleasures of life ranging from everyday socialization to traveling. However, the advancement of technology has made it possible to enjoy life even during isolation, just as you can communicate with loved ones through social networks, you can also enjoy Virtual traveling. Iran Doostan Tours invites you to a virtual tour of Gilan province.

Traveling to the north of Iran offers you the experience of being in heaven! The province has the privilege of lying by the Caspian Sea, and the humidity rising from the sea has pleasant weather with mild temperature and rich floral coverage. The ancient Hyrcanian broad-leaved forests date back to 25 to 50 million years ago and have survived from the last stage of the ice age on Earth. There are fascinating cultural and natural attractions you can enjoy visiting, even virtually, in this amazing province. Let us have a virtual tour to Gilan.

Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

This outdoor museum is a small but real example of the way of life and traditional culture in Gilan villages to introduce the history, culture, and life of people in this province.

Traditional shows and games, cultivation of medicinal plants and native trees, day market, handicrafts workshop, rice fields and tea gardens, rural architecture, children’s playground, traditional steakhouses, and restaurants, are all being represented in this lovely museum. We suggest you visit this spectacular museum in the link below:


This amazing village is the most famous stepped village in Iran. Walking through this village, you can see amazing sights such as Masouleh Bazaar, where all kinds of handicrafts made by the villagers are, jams and pickles and handicrafts of Gilan are sold. Koosham and Lar Cheshmeh waterfalls, Kobar Masouleh summer resort, and Shah Moallem peak are other natural attractions of Gilan near Masouleh, which has made this region a popular destination for climbers and hikers.

You can visit the breathtaking landscapes of Masouleh in the link below:

The building of the municipality in Rasht

Walking through a city could be as fascinating as visiting its attractions. The white and beautiful mansion known as the municipality palace is considered to be the symbol of Rasht city, Municipality Building along with the clocktower, a tower close to it, are considered the most popular attractions of Rasht.

After passing several decades this place is still considered to be the central municipality of Rasht. Walk virtually at the heart of Rasht through the link below:

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