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Chitgar Lake, Tehran (Photos, Reviews, Location)

Tehran, Iran’s capital city is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in visiting Iran. Besides being the country’s capital, Tehran is home to various sites, attractions, museums, palaces, etc. Azadi Tower, Milad Tower, Saadabad Palace, Golestan Palace, and Chitgar Lake are some of the most popular Tehran attractions recommended to both locals and tourists. Chitgar Lake is one of the best places to enjoy the lovely vibes of Tehran with your friends and families. Chitgar Lake is a place where you can spend an evening and enjoy your moments.

Chitgar Lake (Khalij-e Fars)

Chitgar Lake (Khalij-e Fars), also known as the Persian Gulf, is the largest artificial lake in Iran, located in Tehran. Chitgar Lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers and tourists. A Symbol of beauty in Tehran and a reminiscence of the martyrs of Iran, Chitgar Lake is both a tourist and cultural attraction. With a 355 hectares area and a capacity of 35 million cubic meters of water, Chitgar Lake is considered a destination where you can spend hours exploring its beauty. The Chitgar Lake includes a beautiful environment, a relaxing atmosphere, top-notch restaurants, entertainment complexes, shopping stores, malls, and green areas. It is an ideal location to explore the beauties of Tehran nights and have a peaceful moment with your friends and family. Besides the beautiful environment of Chitgar Lake, there are a number of entertainment facilities and shopping malls provided near the lake for visitors, making it a must-go destination for everyone.

Chitgar Lake History

Chitgar Lake’s history dates back to 1968 when the first master plan for constructing Tehran was presented. The idea of building an artificial lake in the western part of Tehran was one of the major models of this master plan and was a great idea as a tourist attraction for the people of Tehran and other cities, as well as foreign tourists. However, constructing the Chitgar Lake was delayed due to technical and budgetary problems, and the construction of the Chitgar Lake stayed dormant for many years. After that, in the early 21 century, from 2003 to 2010, the plan for building Chitgar Lake was reviewed by experts to analyze its details, and eventually, the construction of the Chitgar Lake started in September 2010.

chitgar lake

Chitgar Lake Tehran

Chitgar Lake Location

Chitgar Lake’s Location is in the western part of Tehran in Chitgar Park (also known as the Shahid Hassanpour Park) in District 22 (Chitgar lake on Google map). The lake covers an area of approximately 250 hectares and is surrounded by a beautiful park. The location of Chitgar Lake is ideal and is situated in one of the important districts of Tehran. Chitgar Lake is reachable by cars, taxis, and Iran taxi apps. However, if you want to go to Chitgar Lake in your car, keep in mind that the traffic can get annoying sometimes. There are also parking sites provided near Chitgar Lake for visitors. Chitgar Lake is also accessible via metro and buses. Commuting with the metro to Chitgar Lake can save you a lot of time if the traffic is heavy.

Chitgar Lake Weather

Chitgar Lake’s Weather is amazing at any time of the year. Chitgar Lake has a great calming atmosphere where visitors can relax and unwind in the green areas of the Chitgar Lake and park. Moreover, Chitgar Lake plays an important role in keeping the weather of Tehran clean and fresh. Chitgar Lake Weather and its parks are one of the favorite places for Tehrani people, as they spend their free time in these locations. Most people enjoy the Chitgar Lake Weather and usually go to this place for a picnic, eat a kebab, or have tea.

Chitgar Lake and Park

Chitgar Lake includes a variety of complexes. However, Chitgar Lake and its park are a must-go place for all visitors. The park of Chitgar Lake can be a great option for those who want to feel the rush and extra adrenaline. The park of Chitgar Lake includes different activities for kids and adults, which can designate great moments for your gatherings. Chitgar Lake Park is always open, and you can experience a lot of new things. If you want to feel a little bit of adrenaline in your blood, Chitgar Lake Park is ideal.

chitgar lake photos

Chitgar Park

Chitgar Lake Features

Chitgar Lake is one of the most admired projects of Iran, situated in Tehran. It is the first largest artificial lake in Iran and has been a popular tourist destination for many travelers. Chitgar Lake features a beautiful large lake that includes several kinds of fish. Chitgar Lake also features a beautiful green area and several entertainment facilities that can be ideal for extra activity. Chitgar Lake also offers several dining options, including top-level restaurants and cafes. Moreover, Chitgar Lake has a designated area for shops and malls called Bam Land. Designated hiking roots, fishing areas, boat riding, VR facilities, and play areas for children are other features of Chitgar Lake.

Chitgar Lake Activities

Besides being a beautiful and lovely location for tourists and travelers and having picnic areas for families and friends, Chitgar Lake provides several interesting complexes and activities that visitors can experience. Chitgar Lake includes a zoo, water park, and other entertainment complexes that can interest anyone. Chitgar Lake is also great for exercise and jogging. Below we have gathered some of the activities that visitors can do and experience.

Chitgar Lake Bam Land

Chitgar Lake Bam Land is one of the most prestigious locations around the lake that includes great restaurants, lovely shopping destinations, and small and big cafes. Bam Land offers a quite different experience and perhaps is the most popular location around the lake. One of the most notable things about Bam Land is that many famous brands in every category, from clothes to cosmetics, operate in this location. You can also find famous restaurants and cafes here.

bamland shopping mall

Bamland Shopping Mall

Amusement Park

Chitgar Lake also includes an amusement park where adults and children can play around and have their thrilling moments at this place. There are several games and must-do activities provided in Chitgar Lake’s Amusement Park.

Top Facilities of Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Lake also offers other activities. There are also designated fishing areas for those who want to have their fun hobby at the lake. Chitgar Lake fishing can be an interesting experience if you don’t want to go to the amusement park. Swimming in Chitgar Lake is prohibited. Visitors can also do several fun activities such as Boat Riding, 6D Cinema, Thrill Pyramid, Roll-Glyder, Free Trampolines, Cycling, Sky-Fly, Human Foosball, and VR Land. There are also designated play areas for kids and children. Chitgar Lake Stone Park is also one of the newest facilities of the lake, which is open to visitors.

Chitgar Lake Reviews

Chitgar Lake (Khalij-e Fars), also known as Persian Gulf Lake, is a very popular attraction in Tehran. It is the place where most of the Tehrani people gather around at weekends to enjoy their free time with their friends and families. Chitgar Lake provides diverse activities and beautiful views, which visitors can enjoy. Most of the visitors to Chitgar Lake describe this place as a relaxing environment filled with malls, restaurants, parks, and picnic areas. Many tourists and travelers recommend this place. Chitgar Lake can be a one-stop destination if you want to explore Tehran.

chitgar lake in iran

Chitgar Lake Royal Lounge

How to Get There? Chitgar Lake Map

You can go to Chitgar Lake via car or Tehran public transportation like metro, and taxi.
Chitgar Lake Map suggests several different routes if you want to reach the place via car. The first one is to go from the Shahid Hemmat Gharb Freeway and then Shahid Kharrazi Freeway. From that point, you can find your way to Chitgar Lake within a short drive. The second route is to go from the Azadegan Shomal (North) Freeway and then to the Shahid Kharrazi Freeway, where you can find your route to Chitgar Lake after the second freeway. You can also reach the place by metro and public busses if you want to avoid the traffic.

When is the Best Time to visit Chitgar Lake?

Tehran is the capital of wonders with a lot of sites, palaces, museums, and attractions. If you want to have a thrilling and calming experience, visiting Chitgar Lake is highly recommended. Chitgar Lake is situated in the northwestern part of Tehran and is great for visiting any time of the year. Chitgar Lake is open 24 hours and provides a calming atmosphere different from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can visit Chitgar during the daytime or in the evenings; however, it is best to visit this beautiful location at night or evening when the weather is cozy and chill.


One of the best places you can visit in Tehran is the Chitgar Lake, where its vibes and atmosphere are very different from anywhere else in Tehran. Chitgar Lake is situated in the northwestern part of Tehran. Moreover, since Tehran, Iran’s capital city doesn’t have any rivers, visiting Chitgar Lake is a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Chitgar Lake (Khalij-e Fars) is Iran’s largest artificial lake, where you can feel the vibes of Tehran and do diverse activities. Make sure to visit Chitgar Lake (Khalij-e Fars).

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