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Milad Tower, Tehran (Height, Restaurant, Photos, Facts)

Milad Tower, also known as the Tehran Tower, is an iconic landmark located in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. With its imposing height and iconic design, Milad Tower has emerged as a powerful symbol of the city’s evolution, Iran’s technological progress, and the delicate balance between tradition and advancement. This architectural marvel transcends mere structural engineering to become a testament to human ingenuity, a hub of connectivity, and a canvas upon which Iran’s historical narrative and future aspirations converge. As a beacon of innovation, cultural pride, and connectivity, Milad Tower holds a unique place in both the city’s landscape and the hearts of its people.

Milad Tower History

In 1991, the concept of a tower for the city emerged, leading to the scrutiny of 17 potential locations. Beginning in 1994, an interdisciplinary team embarked on comprehensive studies encompassing urban planning, telecommunications, engineering, economics, architecture, meteorology, traffic analysis, and geotechnics. Official work commenced in 1996, with the Yadamansaze Company executing the project and Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafezi, an esteemed architect, lending his vision.

Over approximately 11 years, the tower’s completion unfolded in two phases, with 40% of the project accomplished in 8 years and the remaining 60% in an astonishing 30 months. The inauguration on October 8, 2008, marked a significant milestone, attended by dignitaries and journalists. Milad Tower’s evolution from a visionary concept to a towering symbol of Tehran’s aspirations exemplifies the city’s dedication to melding innovation with its rich cultural heritage.

Milad Tower Architecture

Milad Tower’s architecture is an impressive synthesis of structural ingenuity and visual elegance. The tower’s overall form is defined by an octagonal shape, with interior walls and four distinctive saw-toothed wings converging into it. The tower comprises several integral sections: the base building (lobby), shaft, crown structure, and the tower’s antenna mast.

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Milad Tower Architecture

Of particular note is the crown structure, boasting a maximum diameter of 60 meters and perched at an elevation of 280 meters. This element of the tower adds a defining touch to its silhouette. The entire tower’s weight amounts to about 150,000 tons, while the extensive use of approximately 17,000 square meters of glass contributes to its luminous appearance. The steel skeleton alone weighs around 2,000 tons and is intricately connected to the concrete body of the tower through radial beams and metal plate connections, forming a harmonious blend of materials that exemplify both strength and grace in Milad Tower’s architectural composition.

Milad Tower Height

Milad Tower boasts a height of 435 meters, earning its rank as the sixth tallest telecommunications tower globally. This impressive structure stands as a testament to architectural achievement and modernity. Notably, the fifth position belongs to the “Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower” in China, which is only 32 meters taller than Milad Tower. The top four positions are held by telecommunications towers in Japan, China, Canada, and Russia, with the tallest of them reaching a soaring height of 634 meters. Milad Tower also secures its place as the nineteenth tallest freestanding structure worldwide. Its significant elevation and distinctive design allow it to be visible from across various regions of Tehran.

The highest floor of the tower reaches an elevation of 312 meters, while its pinnacle extends to 315 meters. The remaining height is attributed to its telecommunications mast, which stands at 120 meters. The tower encompasses a total of 18 floors, spanning both its base and upper sections. Even by looking at the Milad Tower photos, you can realize its magnificent grandeur. Its remarkable stature not only adds to Tehran’s skyline but also underscores its role as an essential communication hub and a symbol of Iran’s technological progress.

What is Milad Tower Used for?

Milad Tower serves as a multifunctional marvel that fulfills a range of roles in Tehran’s urban landscape. Primarily, it functions as a vital telecommunications hub, housing broadcasting equipment for radio and television transmission. Beyond its communication functions, the tower acts as an observation point, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Tehran. Its versatile design incorporates cultural and artistic spaces, hosting exhibitions and events that contribute to the city’s cultural enrichment. Moreover, the tower’s amenities extend to include a five-star hotel, a trade center, and a convention venue, highlighting its adaptability as a dynamic center for business, leisure, and cultural exchange.

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Tallest Tower in Iran

What Makes Milad Tower Special?

Milad Tower’s distinctiveness lies in its remarkable fusion of architectural elegance and technological sophistication. Its soaring height of around 435 meters makes it a standout feature on Tehran’s skyline, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the city. Beyond its role as a communication hub, the tower’s multifaceted functions as an observation point, cultural venue, and a symbol of Iran’s modernization make it a symbol of both progress and cultural heritage. The incorporation of traditional Persian motifs into its design, along with its versatile offerings that include exhibition spaces, a five-star hotel, and a trade center, all contribute to Milad Tower’s status as a unique and dynamic landmark.

Milad Tower Things to Do

Milad Tower offers a diverse range of experiences, making it a dynamic destination for both locals and tourists. One of its primary attractions is the breathtaking observation decks that provide unparalleled panoramic views of Tehran’s sprawling urban landscape and surrounding mountains. Visitors can immerse themselves in the city’s beauty from a towering vantage point, capturing iconic landmarks and the ever-changing cityscape.
Beyond the observation decks, Milad Tower houses cultural and artistic spaces, hosting exhibitions, galleries, and events that offer insights into Iran’s rich cultural heritage and contemporary artistic endeavors. The tower’s multifunctional nature also extends to being a hub for business and leisure. Its five-star hotel provides luxurious accommodation, while the international trade center offers a platform for commerce and networking. The tower’s stunning lighting displays during special occasions further enhance the visitor experience, making Milad Tower a must-visit for anyone seeking a blend of culture, entertainment, and stunning views in Tehran.

Milad Tower Restaurants

Milad Tower is home to a variety of exquisite dining establishments that cater to diverse culinary tastes, creating a truly unique gastronomic experience. One of the most renowned restaurants within the tower complex is the ” Tehran 360 Restaurant,” located on the sixth floor of the crown structure. This revolving restaurant, capable of accommodating 400 guests, offers a full panoramic view of Tehran as it completes a full rotation every hour. The restaurant offers a self-service dining experience, featuring an extensive range of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including traditional Iranian cuisine, seafood, international delicacies, and specialty bird-shaped platters.

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Tehran 360 Restaurant

Another luxurious dining venue, the “Special Restaurant of Milad Tower,” can be found on the tenth floor of the tower’s upper structure. Adorned with captivating wooden architecture, this restaurant is specifically designed to host formal events and special guests. Additionally, a unique open-air space surrounds the Special Restaurant, providing an exclusive dining experience for its patrons. On the fourth floor of the crown structure, “Cafe Viuna” stands as the tallest café globally. Spanning over 680 square meters at an elevation of 266 meters, this café offers a breathtaking view of the cityscape while serving a variety of refreshments.

Milad Tower Dolphin Park

The park’s unique feature lies in being situated within the tallest simulated oceanic dolphinarium in the world, with an approximate capacity of 1,200 people and spanning an area close to 3,200 square meters. The Dolphin Park within Milad Tower was intended to be a captivating space for interactive experiences with dolphins, showcasing their behaviors and shedding light on the importance of marine conservation. However, in response to environmental activists and concerns for animal rights, the dolphin activities within the park have ceased. The dolphins that were once part of this attraction have been relocated to Kish Island.

Resistance and safety

The safety and resilience of Milad Tower are integral to its design, ensuring its ability to withstand various environmental challenges. Precise static and dynamic analysis tools have been employed beneath the tower’s foundation and body, systematically assessing the behavior of forces and gathering invaluable data for maintenance, research, and tower preservation purposes. Moreover, a microgeodesy network, known as “micro-geodesy,” is intricately embedded around the tower’s structure, registering any potential movement of the tower’s body and its surrounding area. This setup enables the collection of necessary information through precise surveying cameras when required.

With its 435-meter height, this Tower is fortified to withstand winds of up to 140 kilometers per hour and momentary gusts of up to 220 kilometers per hour. The tower is engineered to resist earthquakes, maintaining stability even in seismic events. As the tallest structure in Tehran and Iran, the tower is also equipped to manage the potential impact of lightning strikes. To safeguard the tower against lightning, copper wires run through its body, extending to its foundation.

Milad Tower Facts

Milad Tower encompasses several intriguing facts that often go unnoticed. During special occasions and celebrations, the tower transforms into a vibrant canvas using laser technology to create colorful light displays, a technique employed across the world on tall structures and selectively executed on a few renowned structures in Iran.
Apart from its recognition as the sixth tallest telecommunications tower worldwide, Milad Tower’s crown structure is also acclaimed as one of the largest among telecommunication towers globally, solidifying its stature as an architectural marvel.

milad tower history

Milad Tower at Night

Remarkably, Milad Tower stands as a freestanding structure, soaring to an impressive height of approximately 435 meters without any external support or guy wires.
The glass-walled elevators mounted on three sides of the tower achieve a minimum speed of seven meters per second, granting visitors a swift ascent.
Maintenance of this monument requires a substantial monthly budget, ranging from around 800 million to 1 billion Iranian Rials (about 20,000 USD).
Weighing about 150,000 tons, Milad Tower’s construction incorporated an astonishing 17,000 square meters of glass, contributing to its remarkable visual appeal.

Milad Tower Ticket Price

For visiting the premises, the lower levels, and the surrounding area of Milad Tower, you do not require a ticket. However, a ticket is necessary only for accessing the upper levels of the tower. Currently, there are two ticket packages available for visiting different sections of Milad Tower. The first package includes a general visit to the top four levels of the tower, which encompasses the open observation deck, the Sky Dome, the Manuscripts Museum, and the Hall of Fame Museum. Milad Tower prices this package at 59,000 Iranian Rials (about 1 USD).

The second package includes only the seventh floor and the open observation deck, priced at 39,000 Iranian Rials. Keep in mind that if you wish to access the Triaye Café at the top of Milad Tower, an additional entrance fee will be required if you do not possess a ticket. Please note that purchased tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for different time slots. Milad Tower tickets can be acquired in two ways: online or in person at the ticket booth on the ground floor. There are no restrictions on the number of online tickets that can be purchased.

More Information to Visit Milad Tower in Tehran

Working hours: the first six months of the year from 10:00 to 21:15 and the second six months of the year from 09:00 to 20:15
Milad Tower Contact Number: +98218585
Milad Tower Email Address:
Milad Tower Website:

Final Word

Milad Tower stands as a testament to Iran’s pursuit of technological advancement, architectural innovation, and cultural pride. It has become an integral part of Tehran’s identity, serving as a beacon of modernity and a symbol of Iran’s ability to meld tradition with contemporary aspirations. Whether as a telecommunications hub, an entertainment destination, or an observation point, Milad Tower continues to captivate both Iranians and international visitors with its impressive stature and multifaceted offerings.

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