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Sadabad Palace Complex: Photos, Entry fee, History

A Metropolitan city and the most populated city in Iran, Tehran is the first destination for any traveler and tourist who wants to enter Iran and explore the rich culture and history of the Iranian people. Tehran is home to many complexes, museums, and must-visit attractions and historical sites, each representing a small but worthwhile part of Iran’s history and culture. Sadabad Palace Complex is a beautiful complex located in the heart of Tehran, and it is a must-visit attraction for every traveler. Let’s learn more about Saadabad Palace Complex, its history, architecture, and the stories behind it.

Sadabad Palace (Overview)

The vibrant and bustling city of Tehran is every traveler’s first destination. Filled with monuments, historical sites, towers, and many museums and palaces, the capital of Iran is everyone’s cup of tea. Saadabad Palace is one of the few places that are recommended by everyone and has become a must-visit location in Tehran for many people. A demonstration of Iran’s rich history, culture, and architecture, Sadabad Palace is a reflection of the Pahlavi era and the Pahlavi family. The Sadabad Palace Complex was also called the Shah of Iran Palace; however, today is called the Sadabad Complex and includes several museums that showcase the history of Iran. Moreover, we will look for what to see in the Sadabad complex and describe Sadabad Palace.

saadabad palace photos

Saadabad Complex

Sadabad Complex Location

The Sadabad Palace Complex is in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. It is situated in the foothills of the Alborz Mountains and covers an area of approximately 110 hectares (270 acres). The Saadabad Complex is located in the north of District 1 of Tehran and is close to beautiful areas of Tehran such as Tajrish, Velenjak, and Zafaraniyeh. You can find luxurious places, restaurants, and hotels near the Saadabad Complex. The weather at Sadabad Palace complex is also lovely and enjoyable since it is situated in the foothills of the Alborz Mountains. The Sa’adabad Palace Complex was once the summer residence of the Shahs of Iran. Today, it is open to the public as a museum and tourist attraction.

What to See in Sadabad Palace Complex

Many travelers and tourists may have this question. “What to See in Sadabad Complex”?
The Saadabad complex, located near the Alborz Mountains, is a public museum and a tourist attraction that invites visitors to beautiful and fulfilling journeys. The Saadabad Palace is a gigantic complex that includes several museums, each of which can be to your liking. Moreover, the Saadabad Palace Complex is a showcase of Iranian-style architecture, which can be an amazing sight for many visitors. The garden area and the beautiful environment of the museum are enormous yet lovely. Nature lovers can see a variety of plants, trees, and flowers and hear the music of birds singing through the pines and branches.

saadabad complex interior

Shah’s Palace Iran

Sadabad Palace Complex History

The Saadabad Palace Complex has a rich history that dates back to the Qajar dynasty in the 19th century. Originally, the site was a garden called Saadabad, which was owned by a Qajar prince. In the early 20th century, Reza Shah, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty, acquired the site and turned it into a royal residence. During the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the complex was expanded, and several palaces were built, including the Green Palace, the White Palace, and the Marble Palace. The complex was used as a summer residence by the Shah and his family, as well as for official state functions. After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the complex was turned into a museum and opened to the public. Today, visitors can explore the palaces and museums within the complex, which offer a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the royal family during the Pahlavi era.

Sa’adabad Palace Complex Museums

The Saadabad Palace Complex is home to several museums that showcase various aspects of Iranian history and culture. There are several museums that you can visit and enjoy Iran’s history.
Green Palace Museum: The most beautiful museum of the Saadabad Complex, this museum was the residence of Mohammad Reza Shah and his family. You can see the beautiful art of Iranian artists and architecture from every angle of the complex. The Green Palace Museum was first built to welcome foreign guests and ambassadors. The Green Palace Museum was built with rare and high-quality materials.

White Palace Museum (Mellat)

The White Palace was built in the 1930s and used as the official residence of the Shah. The museum displays the royal family’s collections of art, gifts, and personal belongings. The Mellat Museum’s architecture is a combination of Iranian and European architecture, and it is a showcase of works of great Iranian and foreign architects.

Fine Arts Museum

This museum exhibits a collection of Iranian art, including paintings, sculptures, and ceramics from different periods of Iranian history. The museum includes great works by famous artists.

white palace tehran

Saadabad Green Palace

Anthropology Museum

You can visit the cultural heritage of Iran, including traditional clothing, Persian handicrafts, and historical artifacts, and here is a great place to learn more about Iran.

Royal Automobile Museum

The Royal Automobile Museum is a collection of cars used by the Shah and his family, including luxury cars, limousines, and sports cars. You can see beautiful automobiles from famous car companies like Rolls Royce and Benz. Seeing this museum is recommended to all visitors. Even if you are not interested in cars, you will still enjoy old and classic automobiles. Some of the masterpieces of this museum are the Benz SL 300 and the bulletproof Benz 600.

Military Museum

The Military Museum was built with the order of Reza Shah. After the revolution, the complex was altered into a Military Museum, displaying a collection of weapons, armor, and military equipment used throughout Iran’s history.

When to Visit Sadabad Complex

If you wonder when to visit the Sadabad Palace Complex, you should know there is no golden season to visit this beautiful palace. Sadabad Complex is located on the foothills of the Alborz Mountains in the north of Tehran, and it has a great atmosphere and weather all year. You can visit Saadabad Palace in spring, summer, fall, and winter. However, for visiting the complex in summer, don’t forget to carry a bottle of water because the weather can get very hot sometimes. Also, if you want to take beautiful pictures and have a better sight of trees and plants, visiting in spring and autumn is recommended.

Saadabad Palace Entry Fee

Saadabad Palace is recommended to most visitors to Tehran. It is one of the best locations to learn more about Iran’s history and culture. Saadabad Palace Entry Fee starts from 30,000 Tomans to 400,000 Tomans, and it differs for local visitors and foreign visitors. For local visitors, there are an entrance fee and optional fees for visiting the museum that start from 30,000 Tomans to 350,000 Tomans. For foreign visitors, the entry fee and optional fees start from 100,000 Tomans to 400,000 Tomans, which is normally between 1.5 to 7 US dollars in exchange.

Sadabad Complex Address

Saadabad Palace Complex is situated in the north of Tehran and is close to Velenjak and Tajrish. The palace is located near the Alborz Mountains and has two entrances from different roads, the Zafaraniyeh entrance and the Darband entrance. The Zafaraniyeh entrance is more adequate if you want to access the complex with a personal car. Moreover, you can reach the Sa’adabad Palace Complex with Tehran public transportation, including BRT lines, taxis, buses, and metro. You can spend two or three hours at the complex.

Saadabad complex

Saadabad Historical Complex

Sadabad Complex Address: Taheri St., Zafaraniyeh, Tehran
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00
Contact: 021-22752031

Hotels and Restaurants Near Sadabad Complex

Saadabad Palace is situated in an ideal location and is close to many hotels and restaurants that can make your journey a better experience. Jo Grill Food, Hiva Kebab, Dejavu Restaurant, Chargah Restaurant, Espio Express, Roozfar Restaurant, and Mahna Café & Restaurant are among the top locations to visit and have a great dining experience. These dining places are located 1 to 3 kilometers away from the Saadabad Palace. You can also make a reservation at nearby hotels in the complex that offer great services, including Lotus Hotel, Visteria Hotel, Asa Hotel, Diamond Hotel, and Parsian Hotel. The mentioned hotels are located between 2 and 6 kilometers from the Saadabad Palace Complex. These hotels and restaurants are great places and are recommended by most locals and visitors.

Last Words

Saadabad Palace Complex is one of Tehran’s best historical and cultural sites. Saadabad Complex is a treasure filled with interesting stories, Iranian culture, and history. The architectural style of the palace and its design elements is a true example of Persian architecture. The featured museums of the palace are also the best entrance to Iranian history and culture for those who are interested. If you want to explore Tehran, the metropolitan capital of Iran, make sure to visit the Saadabad Palace Complex.

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