Iran taxi apps: Snapp, Tap30 (sites, download)

Taxis are arguably the easiest way to get around Iran, especially on arrival. Although the standard taxi usually seen as yellow and green Peugeots, are available all over Iran, Online taxi services are the best choice. An undeniable fact about regular taxis is their tendency to overcharge foreigners but online ones are clean, comfortable, air-conditioned and incredibly affordable. But they can also be a little confusing, Here’s what you need to know before your trip to Iran.

Snapp Taxi

Snapp, as the first transportation network company working since 2014, is an affordable taxi-hailing app that connects drivers with riders. They have different types of rides, customized according to client preferences, including the regular taxi, women-only services, bike delivery, food ordering, and delivery services, pickup truck. Today, this system is the largest online transportation service in the country with services in more than 140 cities, from all 31 provinces of Iran, available 24/7.


Iran taxi apps – Snapp taxi logo

How does it work?

Don’t worry about working with it, not only the Snapp application is totally user-friendly but it also supports English and French languages.  All you need to do is to install the application from the Snapp website and enter a valid telephone number of Iranian Simcard operators. Then you mark your departure and destination location on the map. Clicking on Snapp eco will send your request to most affordable drivers, while the Snapp plus button searches the more classy and modern cars for you. You can pay for your ride by cash or by credit card information, online.

Tap30 Taxi

Tap30 application (pronounced Tapsi) is a one-of-a-kind service provider. Tapsi is a smart taxi request system that connects you to ambassadors (drivers) via mobile app, web version and corporate panel. You can also request a car by calling 1630. At any time of the day, it is possible to experience a quality, safe and affordable trip, even on routes within the traffic plan, with Tapsi. This online taxi has three separate services, which are classic service (request for all cars), taxi request service (yellow or green) and Tapsi Line service (travel subscription). You can choose your desired service before requesting a trip. At the end of the trip, by giving points to the driver, express your satisfaction with the trip and help the Tapsi team to improve service delivery.

Iran taxi apps – Tap30 taxi logo

Some Tap30 features

Security Package: With Tapsi Security Package, you can share your driver’s information and travel route with those around you during the trip, use the emergency call button with the security unit if needed, and be sure that if the driver follows the route provided for Your trip will take a significant distance, the Tapsi security team will be notified and will take the necessary action. Smart features: With these features, the Tapsi app offers special suggestions such as useful gifts for your requests, depending on your previous travels. Customer Club titled “Tapsi Ship” to offers a variety of prizes and discounts from various businesses for Tapsi users.


Tapsi is fully accessible to blind people and also provides arrangements for deaf people and people with disabilities.
The following steps help you to book a taxi in a few minutes:
1. Determine your departure point and destination on the map.
2. Request a trip.
3. Get acquainted with the information of the ambassador (driver) and contact him if you wish.
4. Specify your payment type. (Cash or credit)
5. Experience a comfortable trip with Tapsi.
6. At the end of the trip to the ambassador, give points from 0 to 10. The score of less than 8 indicates your dissatisfaction with your ambassador.
During the trip, you can use the stop-to-route or second destination options.

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