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Taxi booking apps in Iran

Taxis are arguably the easiest way to get around Iran, especially on arrival. Although the standard taxi usually seen as yellow and green Peugeots, are available all over Iran, Online taxi services are the best choice. An undeniable fact about regular taxis is their tendency to overcharge foreigners but online ones are clean, comfortable, air-conditioned […]

A complete guide to travel to west of Iran

Unlike the classic route of central Iran which tends to cross deserts, west of Iran, including the Zagros area, Kurdistan hills, and Khuzestan plain is so rich naturally and because of this excellence has always been populated during history, Which gives the second priority to the region: historically and culturally rich. Khuzestan The name of […]

A practical guide of purchasing Persian carpets

  Iran is among the most professional oriental rug producer countries known as “rug belt”. The most famous and oldest carpet of the world, Pazyryk, woven on 400 BC in Persia, proves the brilliant background of the Iranian art of carpet weaving. The world’s largest handwoven carpet has been knotted in Tabriz by 230 weavers in […]

The most luxurious souvenirs to buy in Iran

Traveling to Iran and not bringing back souvenirs with you, is like being in Santa’s house, but not taking your present. Each region in Iran has particular handicrafts and souvenirs, but some are among the most special ones. As they are almost expensive, there might be some fake simples in stores. Stick with us to […]

8 steps for successful hitchhiking in Iran

If hitchhikers had a prophet to describe them a utopia or something, that dreamland would definitely be Iran! where people are exceedingly hospitable and always ready to help others. Iranians believe that the guest is loved and respected by the Lord and anyone who’s far from home for any reason is considered as a guest. […]

15 Do’s and Don’ts for tourists in Iran

If your travel plans hold Iran on the horizon, Planning and making reservations aside, getting informed about special rules comes first! Respecting these rules requires modesty of course, but as they are derived from Iran’s cultural norms, it means a lot to your hosta society. Here are laws all tourists in Iran are supposed to […]