TTG MENA Interview with Iran Doostan Tours

A vast territory encompassing mountains, forests and deserts, TTG observed that Iran is the second largest economy in the MENA region, with an estimated GDP(PPP) OF $987.1 BILLION. With the government’s focus turned towards expanding the tourism industry, its stakeholders revealed to TTG what sets Iran’s extensive hospitality sector a part.

TTG MENA :  Confident of Iran’s natural appeal, marketing manager , Iran Doostan Tours , Saeed Azam relayed to TTG how the destination expertly caters to adventure travelers.

One of the main tourism strength in Iran is Adventure tours. Iran, one of the world’s oldest civilizations and beautiful nature, where adventure travelers can spend the night in a communal tent with local nomads, and stay in a classic caravanserai in the mind-blowing vast Dasht-e Lut Desert. Travelers can have new experiences and activities with the unique adventure such as: Mountain Biking, Trekking, Rock climbing, River adventure, Canyoning, Hiking, Bird watching, Butterfly watching, Camel riding, Waterfalls Climbing, Expedition and Safari, and Desert adventures.

Travelers can tour Iran’s bustling capital, Tehran, tour through the Golestan Palace to see stunning architecture and design, such as intricate marbled terraces. Travelers can adventure through Iran’s ancient town of wind catchers, and tour through a sacred Zoroastrian Fire Temple. Travelers can tour through Iran’s iconic and spectacular Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Adventure travelers can visit the Jungles of Iran, called Shomal.

Full reference : TTG MENA